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What Are Mesh Coils – The Mesh Coil Guide

Mesh coils are a specific type of vape coil designed to give a greater surface area.

There are many types of vape coils available on the market, each with their own pros and cons, suited to different vapers. In this guide we are going to focus on mesh coils, what makes them great and if they are suited to you as a vaper.

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What Is A Mesh Coil?

Mesh coils are a wide strip of metal with holes punched through it to make it look like a piece of mesh. It is made in such a way to give great surface area inside the vape coil.

Greater surface area means more of the coil in contact with the wicking material, in turn, more contact with your e-liquid. This means as the coil heats up, more e-liquid is vapourised at once compared to a singular vertical coil of wire.

What makes mesh coils so popular is the flavour and vapour production achieved. As there is more surface area and more e-liquid being vapourised as you vape, there is more flavour and vapour produced.


What Are the Benefits of Mesh Coils?

There are many benefits to using mesh vape coils. Here are our top picks:

Intense e-liquid flavour

Due to the larger surface area, there is a more intense flavour from your e-liquid.

More vapour

Similar to the flavour, with its large surface area more vapour is produced.

Faster ramp up time

Due to their construction, mesh coils heat up faster, quicker. So the optimum vaping temperature is achieved quicker.

Consistent vaping experience

As it is one piece of metal with uniform holes punched through it, there are no hot spots or loose pieces of wire, meaning you get a consistent vaping experience.

Longer lasting vape coil

Hand in hand with consistency, is longer lasting coils. As there are no hot spots to burn your wicking material, your coils can last longer with mesh.

Less power usage

As mesh coils heat up hotter, quicker and more consistently, they need to use less power to reach optimum temperature.

Are Mesh Coils Right for Me?

Mesh vape coils are great for pretty much every vaper.

As previously mentioned, they provide a consistent vaping experience with great flavour and vapour production.

One thing to note, is that as they have a much larger surface area, they use much more e-liquid. Enough that you will notice when you switch from a regular coil to a mesh coil. So keep this in mind, if you are a new vaper and you don’t want to be filling up multiple times a day, you might want to avoid a mesh coil for now.

An advanced vaper with a sub-ohm tank that uses higher powers will also suffer with much quicker e-liquid usage. So, you again may want to avoid mesh coils.

Mesh Coils v Regular Coils

Regular coils come in all shapes and sizes; we have the ultimate guide to vape coils here if you want to learn all about vape coils. But how does a mesh coil hold up against other types of vape coils?

Singular vertical coil

This is the most popular type of vape coil and is in most standard tanks. These provide a solid throat hit and flavour, but do tend to lack in vapour production.

Multiple vertical coils

There are multiple coil set ups available. These can be dual, triple, quad coils, and beyond. Great for vapour production, but these will be used at very high powers so will lack in flavour production.

Mesh coils

Mesh vape coils are the happy medium between singular and multiple coil set ups. Thanks to their massive surface area they give great vapour production and even better flavour from your favourite e-liquid.

Net coils

These are a variation of a mesh coil. The same construction, with a wide, thick piece of metal with holes punched in it. Again, great surface area = fantastic flavour and vapour production.

Do Mesh Coils Last Longer Than Other Coils?

In short, yes. Mesh coils should last longer than regular vape coils.

Due to their set up and how the wicking material is wrapped around the mesh, it will touch almost every part of the cotton.

This means your coils are much less likely to have hot spots, an area of the coil that burns much hotter than others. If these hot spots occur, they burn the cotton as it becomes dry and then you will have a consistent burnt taste. Mesh almost eliminates this problem.

You should get a longer life out of a mesh coil, than a regular vertical vape coil.

Mesh Coils for Sub-Ohm Tanks

Mesh vape coils are a great option for sub-ohm tanks. Their consistency and lack of hot spots mean that when a high power is put through the coil, you are much less likely to get any dry hits from your coil or wicking material.

As previously mentioned though, when mesh coils are combined with high powers, they use your e-liquid much quicker. So if you have a sub-ohm mesh coil, you will be topping up multiple times a day.

On a positive note, you will get fantastic flavour from your favourite e-liquid and brilliant clouds of vapour.


Summary of Mesh Coils

This was a look at mesh coils, their pros and cons, and which vapers should choose these as their go to vape coil. Here at The Electronic Cigarette Company we have a wide range of mesh coils for a huge variety of vape tanks.

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