10ml & Multipack E Liquids

10ml e-liquid is by far the most popular choice with vapers. Easy to carry around and available in 1000s of different flavours and strengths, 10ml e-liquid is the standard choice that offers something for everyone. With top brands like Vampire Vape, Riot Squad, Pocket Fuel, why not discover a new favourite with our multi-buy deals, or grab that tried and tested flavour? No matter what flavour and strength is needed, there is a 10ml e-liquid for any vaper.

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  1. TECC Urban Chase E-liquid

    4 for £10

    TECC Urban Chase E-liquid
    • A selection of complex, edgy flavours
  2. E-liquid Price Match

  3. TECC Titus E-liquid

    3 for £10

    TECC Titus E-liquid
    • The only all day vape liquid you'll need
  4. TECC Titan E-liquid

    3 for £10

    TECC Titan E-liquid
    • 19 classic favourites to choose from
  5. MyVapors E-liquid

    4 for £10

    MyVapors E-liquid
    • Bridge the gap between smoking and vaping
  6. Symphonic E-liquid
    • Next generation nic salts
  7. Mr Wicked's Premier E-liquid
    • 10 years of e-liquid expertise...bottled
  8. Totally Wicked Red Label
    • UK produced e-liquid, over 20 flavours
  9. Button Junkie E-liquid

    2 for £20

    Button Junkie E-liquid
    • 30ml of e-liquid great for fruit loving vapers
  10. Club Juice E-liquid
    • Affordable UK manufactured e-liquid
  11. Club Juice Nic Salt E-liquid
    • A tasty range of flavours
  12. Doozy Salts E-liquid

    3 for £10

    Doozy Salts E-liquid
    • A range of nic salt flavours
  13. Double Drip 50/50 E-liquid

    4 for £10

    Double Drip 50/50 E-liquid
    • Your favourite flavours now in 50/50

529 Items

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Types of E Liquid in 10ml

There are plenty of 10ml e liquids to choose from all the leading brands. With a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths, there is sure to be a 10ml vape juice to suit you.

Premixed E Liquid

Pre-mixed vape juice is available in a variety of styles from high VG liquid for sub-ohm tanks, to nic salts and high PG e liquid which are great for vape pods. The majority of pre-mixed liquid comes in a 50:50 PG/VG ratio for an overall balanced experience to suit the vast majority of vapers. Premixed liquid already comes with nicotine so it doesn’t require a nic shot to be added, making it the convenient choice for vapers.

We offer a range of pre mixed e liquids from all the leading brands to ensure we supply only the highest quality vape juice.

Flavoured E Liquid

Our range of 10ml e-liquid is available in a wide range of flavours to suit the preference of any vaper.

New vapers who don’t want to experiment with sweet vape juice or more experienced vapers who prefer the taste of regular cigarettes should opt for a tobacco flavour to keep their vaping experience as close to smoking as possible.

A solution for ex menthol smokers since the ban has been menthol e-liquid. It is also a great choice for vapers who like a minty throat hit with their vape. with such a wide variety available, menthol is often paired with a fruity flavour to offer a sweet taste with a refreshing throat hit. Check out our picks for best menthol e-liquid for new vapers.

Fruity flavours offer vapers a choice of their favourite fruits in the form of a vape juice. We stock almost every fruit flavour imaginable so there is bound to something for everyone.

Drink and cocktail flavours is one of the more popular choices for vapers, with most people’s favourite fizzy drink, cocktail or coffee available in the form of e-liquid it makes sense to stick to a flavour you already enjoy.

Dessert flavours are perfect for vapers with a bit of a sweet tooth. offering the same great taste of popular desserts but without all the calories.

Nic Salt E Liquid

Nic Salt vape juice is a great option for new vapers making the switch from smoking. Compared to regular freebase nicotine, nic salts mimic the natural salts found in tobacco leaves to offer a completely different vaping experience. Vapers who use nicotine salts will notice a smoother throat hit compared to regular e-liquid in similar strengths. High strength e-liquid can be too harsh for some vapers so nic salts allow vapers who require a higher strength nicotine a smoother alternative.

Nic salts are ideally used at lower resistances for an overall better vaping experience. Vapers who use pod devices should give nic salts a go if they are looking for a smoother experience from higher strength vape juice. It is also a great starter liquid for people struggling to quit smoking. Vapers find that the sensation they get from nic salts is very similar to using regular cigarettes so a transition smoker will find nicotine salts extremely helpful in their smoke free journey.

Some of the most popular e-liquid brands offer a nic salt range including Riot Squad Riot S:ALT and Double Drip Nic Salts e-liquid.

How Long Does 10ml E Liquid Last?

The time it takes to go through a full 10ml bottle of e-liquid can vary for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the type of smoker someone is can determine how much they need to vape. Heavy smokers will go through e-liquid much quicker than most vapers. Using a higher strength liquid or nic salts can reduce the amount of liquid a heavy smoker would need by offering a higher nicotine content.

Using a powerful vape kit that produces vapour at a much higher wattage compared to a smaller pod device will eat through vape juice fast. So sub-ohm vapers will go through e-liquid quicker than a MTL or restricted DL vaper.

The vast majority of vapers will last a full day with one 10ml bottle. If one bottle isn’t enough to satisfy your nicotine requirements, switching to a higher strength e-liquid or nic salt should provide enough nicotine from one 10ml bottle. Alternatively you could always carry around a couple of 10ml bottles.

Cheap Vape Juice

We stock a wide range of cheap 10ml vape juice at price points to meet any vaping budget. Brands such as Pocket Fuel and Club Juice offer cheaper e-liquid that still offers delicious flavours at an affordable price.

With our e-liquid multi buy offer you can shop the best 10ml e-liquid from the biggest brands for an even better price!

Choose from a range of e liquid at 4 for £10, 3 for £10 or 4 for £12.

You don’t just have to stick with one e-liquid either, why not mix and match between different brands and flavours that are within the same offer? So for vapers who like to use a variety of e-liquids or just looking for their new all day vape, our multi-buy offer is the best way to do so.

We also offer an e-liquid price match making TECC.co.uk the best place to buy e-liquid.

10ml vape juice is a convenient choice as the small bottles can fit easily in a pocket to take on-the-go with one bottle usually enough to last a day of vaping.

Vapers who are still unsure on a go-to flavour or just like to try new vape liquids regularly will find going for a 10ml bottle means they don’t have to worry about buying a full 50ml/100ml shortfill juice that they may not like. They can pick out a few different flavours to try at a similar price to just one shortfill bottle.

If you are unsure where to begin, or require more help understanding the different types of e-liquid, look in the bottom right of your screen for our live chat window.

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