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Nic Shots

Nic shots (or nicotine shots) are used to increase the strength of 0mg vape liquid, or to create the ideal strength when mixing your own. Available in unflavoured or menthol variations, nic shots are a key component for many shortfill and DIY vapers. Simply remove the top cap of your shortfill e-liquid and add your chosen nic shot. Typically a 50ml bottle contains enough space for 1 nic shot, with 100ml bottles able to take 2 nicotine shots. Read more about nic shots.

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  1. TECC Urban Chase Nic Shot
    • Add to your favourite short fill
  2. E-liquid Price Match

  3. Just Nic It High VG Nic Shot
    • High VG content for large clouds
  4. Nic Nic 70/30 VG/PG Nicotine Shot
    • 1.8% nic shot
  5. Nic Nic 100% VG Nicotine Shot
    • 1.8% nic shot
  6. Nic Nic Ice Cool Nicotine Shot
    • 1.8% menthol nic shot
  7. Top Shot Nicotine Shot
    • Boosts e-liquid nicotine content
  8. NicIt UP Nicotine Shot
    • Boost your e-liquid nicotine content
  9. Element Ns20 Nic Salt Shot
    • Create your own nic salt e-liquid

8 Items

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What Are Nic Shots?

Nic shots contain an unflavoured, concentrated amount of nicotine, which is used to increase the strength of nicotine free e-liquid. Most vapers who mix their own or use short fill will use nic shots in order to reach a desired nicotine strength. Whilst not vapable on their own, nic shots have become an essential item for vapers who wish to have more flexibility when it comes to e-liquid.

How Much Nic Shot Do I Need To Use?

Nic shots will boost the nicotine strength of your e-liquid, however depending upon how much you add will determine the overall strength of the e-liquid. Below we have included a simple chart which should help you to determine how much you need to add to both 50ml and 100ml short fill e-liquids to achieve a desired strength. Most nic shots will only boost nicotine strength to 3mg. This is based on the additional space provided within the bottle of e-liquid. If you are purchasing 20mg, simply add around 1ml less than you need based on the chart below. The results will work out roughly the same:

How Much Nic Shot To Use With 50ml E-Liquid

  • Target strength: 55ml, 1.67mg. You Will Need: ½ x 18mg Nic Shot
  • Target strength: 60ml, 3mg. You Will Need: 1 x 18mg Nic Shot

How Much Nic Shot To Use With 100ml E-Liquid

  • Target strength: 110ml, 2mg. You Will Need: 1 x 18mg Nic Shot
  • Target strength: 120ml, 3.6mg. You Will Need: 2 x 18mg Nic Shot

Nicotine Shots At The Electronic Cigarette Company

We supply nicotine shots to use with your nicotine free e-liquid. Use nic shots to increase the nicotine strength of your e-liquid to customise the vaping experience. Our range of nic shots can also be used with mix your own e-liquids in addition to short fill, providing vapers with plenty of vaping options.

Top Shot Nic Shots

Top Shot is a nic shot range of liquid. Offering vapers a cost effective selection of both standard nicotine and nic salt boosters, Top Shot is ideal to enhance the nicotine content of your e-liquid. Manufactured in the UK, Top Shot can be used with any 0mg short fill or mix your own e-liquid, providing the ultimate freedom to vapers.

The Electronic Cigarette Company stocks both the regular and nicotine salt versions of Top Shot.

NicIt UP Nic Shots

NicIt UP is a range of nic shots created by Vampire Vape. Manufactured using premium quality ingredients and available in both a standard and nic salt variety, NicIt UP is ideal for vapers who need to increase the nicotine strength of their e-liquid. Whether used in short fill or mix your own, NicIt UP is a great choice to ensure accurate mixing each and every time.

The Electronic Cigarette Company supplies both the nicotine salt and ‘freebase’ versions of NicIt UP.

Element Ns20 Nic Shot

Element is well known for its premium range of e-liquids, and the Ns20 nic salt shot is no exception. Using the same high quality nic salt formulation found within the popular Ns20 range, these nic shots are ideal for use with either short fill or mix your own. They also provide a smoother vaping experience when compared to regular nicotine, making the Ns20 nic salt shot a great partner for vapers looking to try something different.

Nic Nic Nicotine Shot

Nic Nic provides vapers with a cost effective max VG nicotine shot. Ideal for those who want to produce maximum amounts of vapour from their sub ohm devices. The Nic Nic shots are good for use with any short fill or mix your own e-liquids. The 100% VG content will help to make e-liquids a little smoother and sweeter. They will also still provide the required amount of nicotine.

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