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How To Refill a Vape Kit

If you have landed on this page it means you want to know how to refill an e-cigarette. Whether you’re new to vaping and getting to grips with your first e-cig, or a more experienced vaper who has switched to a new device. You may be unsure on how to fill your new vape kit.

There are many different types of filling systems with brands trying to provide easier and more convenient solutions. In this guide we will provide a run through of the different types of filling systems and how to use them.

Table of Contents

The Basics

What Type of Tank Are You Using?

  • Bottom Fill Vape Pods
  • Top Fill Vape Pods
  • Bottom Fill Vape Tank
  • Top Fill Vape Tank

Ready to refill?

Vape Kit Refill Dos and Don’ts

The Basics

As well as refilling your vape kit, you’ll need to check that the basics are covered. This mainly means cleaning the tank and changing the coil:

  • Cleaning the tank: you’ll know your kit needs cleaning when you can’t get rid of the taste of your old e-liquid. If you’re switching between flavours, it is important to give your tank a clean beforehand. Remove it from the device and take out the coil. Then run it under hot water and use a paper towel to access the hard-to-reach areas. Make sure the tank is completely dry before using it again.
  • Changing the coil: Coils usually need changing regularly. This depends on the amount of use and the type of e-liquid. Some may need changing every week whereas others may last over a month. You’ll know when it is time to change the coil when the flavour starts to taste burnt.

What type of tank are you using?

Before getting started you need to work out what type of tank or pod you have. There are many different styles of tanks with unique filling systems, but each can be put into one of the following categories to work out the filling method.


This is the most common type of pod. It usually features a rubber bung at the base that covers up the filling port. Closed pods systems come prefilled with e-liquid so don’t need to be topped up. Once empty just swap it for a new one.


Top fill pods have grown in popularity and look slightly different to other pods. Instead of removing the pod from the device to top up, these can be refilled while still attached to the kit. The filling port is either visible at the top of the pod or can be accessed by removing the mouthpiece.

This is the traditional style of vape tank. Connecting to the device through a 510 thread, both the filling port and coil can be accessed by unscrewing the tank from the device.

These type of tanks are growing in popularity because vapers prefer an easier way of refilling that doesn’t require the tank being removed to top up with e-liquid. There are a few styles of top fill tanks. Some have a sliding mechanism, whereas others require the top to be removed to access the filling port.

Ready to refill?

Now you’ve established which vape kit you have, you need to know how to refill it. Here we break it down by each type with step-by-step instructions:

Bottom fill pods:

  • Remove the pod from the device
  • Find the rubber bung covering the fill port. This can usually be found at the base of the pod.
  • Remove the rubber bung to reveal the inlet.
  • Place the nozzle of your vape juice bottle into the filling port.
  • Tilt the vape pod at a slight angle to prevent air pockets.
  • Insert with e-liquid.
  • Leave a small gap at the top of the pod.
  • Push the rubber bung back in to seal the filling port.
  • Wipe away any excess e-liquid.
  • Attach the pod back onto the device.

Top fill pod:

  • Either remove the bung covering the filling port or snap off the mouthpiece if access to the e-liquid inlet is hidden underneath.
  • Place the e-liquid nozzle into the port and squeeze in the liquid.
  • When filling keep the pod at a slight angle to avoid air pockets and don’t fill all the way to the top.
  • Reattach the mouthpiece or cover for the filling port.
  • Wipe away any excess juice.

Bottom fill tank:

  • Unscrew the tank from the e-cig battery.
  • Place the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle into the fill hole and insert.
  • When filling aim the e-liquid towards the side of the tank to avoid the centre chimney, as this can cause the device to spit when fired.
  • Leave enough room to ensure vape juice doesn’t spill into the chimney.
  • Once the tank is full, reattach the base back onto the tank and wipe away any excess liquid.
  • Screw the tank onto the battery mod.

Top fill tank:

  • To Fill either unscrew or slide the top of the tank to reveal the e-liquid filling port.
  • Insert the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle into the port and fill with e-liquid.
  • To prevent air pockets, hold the device at a slight angle.
  • Leave space in the tank to prevent it from overflowing or leaking.
  • Unscrew or slide the top back onto the tank and wipe away any excess e-liquid.

Vape kit refill dos and don’ts

  • Take your time
  • Regularly clean your vape kit
  • Check if the tank needs changing
  • Put the liquid in the middle of the coil head
  • Overfill your vape kit
  • Mix old flavours with new - it won’t taste good!


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