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E-liquid FAQs and Facts

Here at The Electronic Cigarette Company we stock a range of UK manufactured e-liquid. Daily our technical team field questions that are passed through our customer service team regarding our e-liquids take priority to be answered with a detailed, informative response.

Below are some of the frequently asked e-liquid questions that our Product & Technical team has received. The list is not intended to be comprehensive, nor is it in any order of frequency or importance. We hope you find it informative, and please keep the questions coming!

Have more questions about vaping? See our full FAQ page. If you want to learn more read our guide About Vape Liquid.

What are the ingredients in your e-liquids?

There are 3 ingredients in our e-liquids: diluent, nicotine, and flavour concentrate. All pharmaceutical grade UK produced and manufactured. To learn more about what e-liquid is see our About Vape Liquid guide.

Why is there skull and crossbones on my bottle of e-liquid?

Nicotine, in its rawest form, is classed a poison. In our e-liquid it is so diluted it poses no real risk.

Do own brand e-liquids supplied by The Electronic Cigarette Company contain alcohol (ethanol)?

When we ask if a product contains alcohol, we are usually referring to the type we enjoy drinking (ethanol). There are other types of chemicals that can be used as flavour ingredients that are correctly described as “alcohols” in terms of their chemistry but aren’t intoxicating. Ethanol is included at very low levels as a flavour enhancer (approx. 0.1 % w/w) in Titus Tobacco, but is not present in any other TECC Titus, Totally Wicked Red Label flavours at quantifiable levels. TECC Titan e-liquids do not contain alcohol above trace levels.

Do own brand e-liquids supplied by The Electronic Cigarette Company contain caffeine?

No, we do not and by regulation not allowed to add caffeine to any UK manufactured e-liquid. Caffeine is not an ingredient in any of our internationally manufactured e-liquid.

Do own brand e-liquids supplied by The Electronic Cigarette Company contain sugar?

No. The two most common types of sugar in our diets are refined and fruit sugars, known as sucrose and fructose. Sucrose is the type of granulated sugar we use to sweeten coffee or bake cakes, but it is not present as a flavour enhancer in any of our e-liquids. Some confectionery type flavours contain synthetic flavour enhancers maltol and ethyl maltol, but not refined sugar. Lactose is another type of disaccharide sugar that you may be familiar with as it is present in milk. However, our e-liquid products are all lactose free.

Do own brand e-liquid flavours supplied by The Electronic Cigarette Company contain traces of nuts or nut oils?

Our own brand flavour ingredients are produced only at Nut-Free Sites, and none of the materials used in their flavourings contain nuts or substances derived from nuts.

Do e-liquids supplied by The Electronic Cigarette Company contain sulphites?

Based on the information disclosed to The Electronic Cigarette Company for TRPR 2016, we can state our own brand e-liquid does not contain sulphites.

Are your e-liquids tested?

Yes, all our e-liquids are fully tested and backed by our Guarantee of E-liquid Excellence.

Has it been proven that flavoured e-liquids produce toxic levels of aldehydes?

Absolutely not! One study, accompanied by an unreliable press release, made headlines in some national newspapers late in 2016. The data presented was contradictory with other peer reviewed scientific papers on e-cigarette emissions for flavoured e-liquid. Our own emission testing programme, which has included over 100 flavour combinations, also completely contradicts this study. We suspect the data set will not be reproducible by any other research group, and no validation of the data has been forthcoming. Dr Farsalinos, the eminent e-cigarette researcher, has obtained funding to precisely recreate this.

Does glycerine (VG) contain alcohol or animal fats?

Our UK supplied vegetable glycerine is derived from rapeseed, hence the name vegetable glycerine. Our internationally supplied e-liquid products contain glycerine derived from soya bean. Manufactured glycerine can be derived from animal fat, consequently you would be correct to ask this question. We only use vegetable glycerine in our e-liquid products. All vegetable glycerine formulated in our products is pharmaceutical grade and contains no alcohol.

Are own brand e-liquids Supplied by The Electronic Cigarette Company suitable for vegans?

Our vegetable glycerine is derived from rapeseed, flavours are synthetic, and propylene glycol is a synthetic product which is not derived from any animal-related ingredient. This means no animal products or by-products are used in their manufacture. By this, we can state that our own brand e-liquid is suitable for vegan and vegetarian customers and that vaping with VG is vegan.

Are own brand e-liquids supplied by The Electronic Cigarette Company suitable for diabetics?

We can assure you that our own brand e-liquid does not contain free sugar, the type associated with high blood sugar and diabetes. Free sugars are any sugars added to food or drink, or found naturally in fruit juices, honey, and syrups. If you have any further concerns, then we would advise you to consult your GP and/or healthcare professional.

Should I vape when suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)?

COPD is a condition that most commonly affects middle aged or older adults who smoke or who have smoked. Breathing problems tend to get worse over time and can limit normal activities. The most effective treatment for COPD is to stop smoking. The best way for you to achieve this can only be determined following consultation with your GP and/or relevant healthcare professional which may prescribe medication to help you quit smoking. Vaping can help to quit smoking however if you suffer from COPD contact your GP for advice on vaping.

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