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How to Prime Your Vape Coil

Does your vape kit taste burnt while in use?

Or maybe you are getting less flavour, your coil seems to be dry or it is simply not lasting as long as it should? More often than not, it could be down to the coil being incorrectly primed, or not primed at all. Don’t panic though, because priming coils can often be forgotten about. It is an important thing to do whenever you replace an old coil with a new one however, to help saturate the cotton wicking material inside the coil before it heats up for the first time.

How does a vape coil work?

Vape coils are a vital component, as without them your vape kit will simply not work. They are responsible for producing vapour and are the reason we are able to vape the way we do. Every vape coil contains wire in some form or the other and wicking material, which is usually cotton. The wire inside can differ from coil to coil, and include mesh and kanthal to name just a few. There are even some coils which use special wire such as nickel, titanium and stainless steel for temperature control vaping.

Some coils are set up vertically or horizontally, and depending on which way they are aligned, will have wicking material surrounding it or going through it. When in use, the vape coil wire will heat up very quickly, which vapourises the e-liquid saturated wicking material, producing clouds of vapour that can be inhaled, simulating the sensation of smoking, without all the nasty chemicals associated with cigarettes. Vape coils might be simple, but it is thanks to them that we are able to break free from the chains of smoking and make the switch to a better lifestyle.

How do I prime a vape coil?

Each coil is slightly different from the next, however priming them remains largely the same regardless of which device you are using. We have broken it down into 3 simple steps on how to prime your vape coil:

  1. Locate the wicking areas on your coil; many coils have holes on the outside housing where you can visibly see the white cotton wicking material. Gently drop some vape liquid into each of these holes, rotating back to each one until they are visibly ‘damp’ to the eye.
  2. Once step 1 is complete, all you need to do is install your vape coil as per your device instructions, fill up the tank with e-liquid and leave it alone for around 10 minutes.
  3. After 10 minutes have passed, get hold of your vape kit and take 3-5 quick, sharp inhalations without pressing the button. This draws through the vape liquid and ensures the coil is fully saturated and ready to vape. Be careful not to take too many sharp draws though, as this can pull in too much vape liquid and accidentally flood your coil!

coil wicking holeassemble tankleave for 10 mins

Why is priming my vape coil important?

New vape coils are delivered to you completely dry since they have not been used. If you install a dry coil inside an empty vape tank and try to use it, the coil would scorch the cotton wicking material inside almost instantly. This would irreparably damage the coil which could not be resolved by filling the tank with vape liquid or priming, since the cotton will already be burnt, taste very unpleasant and not work correctly.

If you installed a new, dry vape coil, filled up your tank and then used it right away, you will probably still cause damage due to ‘dry spots’ present on the coil. This can cause either a very unpleasant burning taste, or if the damage was not severe it could result in muted flavour and reduced vapour production. This is why it is essential that any new vape coil is correctly primed before use to ensure you have a true vaping experience.

What happens if I didn’t prime my vape coil and it tastes burnt?

If you forgot to prime your coil and tried vaping it dry, then unfortunately there is nothing you can do to get rid of that burnt taste. You must replace the vape coil with a new one and prime it first before using your e-cig again. If your coil was partially saturated and you are experiencing a muted flavour or reduced vapour, remove the coil and revisit the 3 priming steps above to try and restore normal operation. This is not guaranteed to work however and you might end up having to replace the coil anyway.

Sometimes you might prime a vape coil correctly and still experience loss of flavour and vapour straight away. If this happens then again try repeating the 3 vape coil priming steps and start again. Do bear in mind that coils are consumable items, and on rare occasions you might receive one which is ‘dead on arrival’ and may not perform properly or burn out quicker than others in the pack.

If you replace any vape coil that ultimately fails to work as expected, this should resolve the problem and restore the vape experience back to normal.

Why does my coil flood when priming?

If you drip too much liquid into a vape coil while priming, and then take multiple sharp draws before use, you can unintentionally flood the coil. If this happens, then you may notice gurgling, spitting or leakage from the airflow (on tanks that have bottom airflows). Don’t worry if this happens though, your coil is not damaged or faulty and simply needs the excess vape liquid to be expelled. Over some tissue (or outside), firmly flick your vape kit away from you towards the tissue a few times. This will expel excess vape liquid which can just be wiped from the tank mouthpiece before vaping again.

If the spitting/gurgling is persistent, repeat the above process and make sure there is no more liquid expelled before trying again.

I need more help priming my vape coil

Priming your vape coil is an easy task, and will quickly become part of your coil replacement routine. Remember to read our 3 simple to follow priming steps and you should encounter no issues when replacing your coils.

If however you are struggling for any reason, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team by calling 01254 269380, or use our live chat function located in the bottom right hand side of your screen for further assistance. Plus, read our Battery Safety Guide to make sure you are using your e-cig safely.

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