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The Ultimate Vaping Guide for Flavour Chasers

Some vapers are all about the clouds, the bigger the better. Others want the best DL (direct lung) vape around. Then there are the vapers who chase flavour, no matter the cost. We see you, we hear you and we are here with the ultimate guide for flavour chasers.

Flavour chasers are people who vape and constantly hunt for the biggest and best flavour from their vape juice. The part of their vaping experience that matters the most is clean, crisp taste from their juice of choice.

Strap in and get ready to ride the flavour wave with us.

What Is Flavour Chasing?

Flavour chasing is wanting to experience the very best flavour from your e-liquid.

Each vaper is individual and will want to get something different out of their everyday vaping experience. Flavour chasers tend to look for an MTL (mouth to lung) vape, with restricted airflow and specific vape coils. This style of vaping doesn’t produce huge clouds or use massive amounts of power and airflow, in fact it is the opposite.

This style of vaping tends to have a more restricted draw, more reminiscent to that of smoking. The clouds of vapour produced will be modest compared to sub-ohm vape kits with huge power output or drippers and mech mods. But the flavour from your chosen vape juice will be second to none.

Top Vaping Tips for Flavour Chasers

How do you perfect the ultimate flavour chasing vape? Let us run you though the top tips for flavour chasers;

1: Reduce airflow

There is a simple formula we can use to decide how much airflow you need for your vaping style. This isn’t a scientific equation, it’s completely made up, but it is effective.

More airflow = Bigger clouds and less flavour. Less airflow = Bigger flavour and smaller clouds.

See, nice and simple! Essentially the more air that is passing through your tank and over your vape coil, the more vapour is produced, but with this huge cloud of vapour, the flavour is more dispersed, so it is not as intense.

A flavour chaser needs to get that airflow closed down so there is less air moving over the coil and instead a hit of intense flavour straight from your coil / vape juice combo.

A lot of this does depend on getting your vape coil right though, as limiting the airflow on the wrong coil can cause problems such as dry hits, burning and flooding. Onto point two.

2: Vape coil choice

Coil choice is an important one when it comes to your style of vaping. It will determine whether your vape is a DL or MTL.

There are endless vape coils and it can be confusing to pick the one that will give you the best flavour, much like vape juice there is an element of personal choice, but if you stick to these general tips you can’t go wrong.

For the best possible flavour you want to avoid a DL vape. These require a lot of airflow and the sub-ohm coils tend to have a wide bore through the middle. What does that mean exactly? It means that the hole through the middle of your coil is big, bigger than usual, to allow even more air to flow. Using our formula from earlier we know that more airflow means less flavour, so this is to be avoided.

To really chase the flavour from your vape coils you need an MTL vape. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t use a sub-ohm coil, but it will need to be a sub-ohm coil with a smaller bore and these are rarer. A great example of a sub-ohm MTL vape, fantastic for flavour, is the Innokin Zenith Minimal Tank and their Z Coils.

Surface area is also something to consider. The more surface area within your actual wire coil, the more e-liquid is vapourised as you vape, therefore the more flavour you can achieve.

There is a lot of information to take in about coils and you can fall down a never-ending rabbit hole full of acronyms and vape language. So let’s round up: Choose a higher resistance coil, or choose a sub-ohm coil designed for an MTL vape. If you can top that off with the coil being mesh as well, you are onto a winner for flavour.

3: Vape juice PG:VG ratio

Here we go again with the personal preference speech. While it can sound like a broken record it is never truer than when we talk about vape juice.

Much like food, what you love in a vape juice, the person chucking clouds next to you will hate. This is just the way vape juices work. However, when it comes to extracting the ultimate flavour from your vape juice, one of the most important factors is the PG:VG ratio.

The advice was always as such; if you want more flavour, use a juice that is higher in PG. While this still stands, is it less important now as there is so much more choice in terms of devices. The e-cig you have has a massive impact on what type of juice you should choose. Back when this was the only statement the choice of device was limited.

PG and VG do different jobs in your e-liquid. PG carries the flavour and gives you the throat hit, VG creates the clouds of vapour. PG is completely flavourless, while VG imparts a slight flavour (more of a sweetness) into your vape juice. A higher PG content also makes your juice thinner, whereas a high VG content makes it much thicker.

If you have an MTL set up, with restricted airflow and a higher resistance coil, go for a high PG juice and you are onto a flavour winner.

If you have a DL set up, with massive airflow and a sub-ohm coil, a higher PG juice won’t work as well, so go for a slightly higher VG, but don’t go mad. When you get into the realms of 80%, 90% or even 100% VG vape juice, the flavour will be muted. Stick to somewhere around the 40:60 PG:VG ratio.

Sometimes the choice can be too much and you cannot decide what to go for, we have all been there. If you are not sure what e-liquid to choose for the best flavour, go for something bang in the middle. Pick a juice that has a 50:50 PG:VG ratio. This way you can start to identify which you need more of, is the 50:50 just the right mix of clouds and vapour, or do you want more flavour? Then start looking for a higher PG ratio.

4: A smaller drip tip

This is a nice and simple one that harks back to what we have already touched on. The wider the hole in your drip tip, the more air and therefore the more vapour you can inhale.

It is a simple change that can make a big difference. If you don’t want to change your whole set up, but want a bit more flavour, pick a new mouthpiece that isn’t a wide bore, i.e. the hole in the middle is smaller. You might be surprised.

5: Banish vapers tongue

You have your favourite vape juice, it is packed full of flavour. It is your all day vape, you never get sick of it. Then one day, BAM you can’t taste it. You change your coil, no difference. You buy different coils, no difference. You try it in a different vape set-up, nothing changes, you still can’t taste it.

No this isn’t a vaping horror story; this is vapers tongue. A very real phenomenon that curses all vapers at some point or another. Essentially your palate gets used to the flavour you are vaping and it just stops you tasting it.

There are all sorts of old wives’ tales, and tips from wine tasters; smell coffee grounds, use mouth wash, brush your tongue, the list goes on. In our experience there are two sure fire ways to banish vapers tongue.

Number one is nice and simple, vape something else for a little bit. Pick a flavour that is different to the one you can no longer taste, so if it is a citrus fruit, pick a creamy dessert flavour. Once you have given yourself a little break, you should be able to taste it again.

Number two also works, have a menthol vape juice set up in another e-cig and to hand. If vapers tongue strikes vape a strong menthol for a little while to effectively cleanse your palate.

6: Best wattage for flavour

Another quick win for flavour can be a little tweak to your wattage settings.

Depending on the type of vape juice, different elements of the flavour can be more prominent at altered powers and temperatures.

Getting a vape with adjustable settings is a great way for flavour chasers to really tweak and tailor their vaping experience. Each individual vape juice has its own ‘sweet spot’, the challenge is to find that spot.

Start your power lower and slowly alter it until you hit the point that gives you the maximum impact from your flavour.

7: Take care of your vape juice

Last, but by no means least, is the vape juice itself. You need to take care of your e-liquid to make sure that the flavour doesn’t degrade before you can really enjoy it.

Make sure it is always tightly sealed when it isn’t in use. Keep it away from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature. A nice place for your juices will always be a kitchen cupboard away from your oven.

Best Tanks for Flavour

All of this talk of flavour will have you wondering what the best vape tank for flavour actually is. We are going to dive into our top vape tanks for flavour.

Eleaf MELO 6 Tank

The MELO 6 is a powerful tank designed for sub ohm vaping. WIth its 510 connection it is suitable to be used with most mods. The EC-A coils used in this tank have an Austenite material which means they have a longer lifespan aswell as producing thicker clouds. 

TECC Impact GTL Tank

The TECC Impact GTL tank is an easy to use MTL (Mouth to Lung) tank which is designed to be used with the arc Impact kit. As this tank uses a 510 connection it can also be used with most mods. 


The PnP Pod Tank from VOOPOO combines the convenience of a pod with the functionality of a tank. The PnP coils used in this pod tank come in a range of resistances and are push fit for ease of use.

Best Coils for Flavour

Aspire Nautilus 2S coils

The Aspire Nautilus 2S coils are sub-ohm mesh coils. This means you can use more power but still get a great surface area thanks to the mesh coil. Fantastic for flavour.

Geekvape G coils

Geekvape outdid themselves with the G coils. They are actually designed to maximise the flavour output from your vape juice. Sub-ohm, but not too much, with the emphasis on a balance of wicking material and coil surface, these are a winner.

TECC CS coils

Don’t discount the TECC CS coils, these have been a vapers favourite for years and with good reason. Extremely long lasting and reliable, multiple options to suit a range of vapers and a great balance between flavour and vapour production.

Best Vape Juice for Flavour

So you have picked the best vape set up to maximise your flavour. But what about your vape juice? Let’s look at some of the best brands and the best flavours that really pack a punch. Read the 10 Best Cheap E Liquid in the UK to find a great value vape.

Urban Chase Short Fill

Available in 50ml bottles, with room for a nic shot, Urban Chase is a range designed for flavour. There are no fancy titles needed here, what it says on the bottle, these beauties deliver. Notable in the range for a real flavour kick are Blackcurrant, Aniseed & Menthol, as well as Blue Raspberry.

Vampire Vape

Famous for their flagship flavours Pinkman and Heisenberg, Vampire Vape actually has a huge range of flavours to choose from. There are some strong contenders in here so check out the full range.

VLTZ E-liquid

VLTZ e-liquid is designed to mimic the same great flavour found in disposables just in a 10ml bottle, and can be used in most vape pod kits. The VLTZ range includes some e-liquid favourites such as Pink Lemonade, Rainbow Burst and Watermelon Ice. This offers an experience superior to anything currently on the market.

ELFLIQ Elf Bar E-liquid

ELFLIQ E-liquid provides the same amazing flavours found in the Elf Bar 600 disposables. The only way to experience these flavours was through disposable devices. Now with ELFLIQ those flavours are available in a 10ml solution that can be used with your favourite devices. This range allows you to select from 21 delicious flavours including the most popular Elf Bar flavours such as Watermelon and Blue Razz Lemonade. 

TECC Titus

If you want an all-day vape that delivers on both flavour and vapour production, then you have to go with TECC Titus. A huge range of flavours and nicotine strengths with combos like Juicy Strawberry and Barista Coffee.

Choosing RDA’s and RTA’s For Flavour Chasing

We are yet to mention RDA’s and RTA’s, but for some vapers these are the only way to get the very best flavour possible. Why is this? Personalisation.

With an RDA or RTA you control everything. What resistance the coil is, what the coil is made of, how many coils there are, what the wicking material is, how much wicking material, I could keep going.

These are a way for vapers to truly control every aspect of your flavour experience. You build your own coils and wick them yourself. Do a build and you aren’t happy with the flavour? That’s ok, take it out and rebuild it quickly and easily.

These are the true representation of tailoring; this is why some advanced flavour chasers will only vape this way.

Summary of Flavour Chasing

Flavour chasing is a popular style of vaping. It is a way to really experience your vape juice and bring out the nuances in the flavours.

As with all other styles of vaping, there are various ways to achieve maximum flavour, but as long as your flavour chasing journey has you on the path of chasing the ultimate vape, then you are doing it right.

To learn more read our guide About Vape Liquid.

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