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Sub Ohm Vaping Explained

You might have heard the term “sub ohm vaping” mentioned when it comes to certain vape kits and vape tanks. But what is sub-ohm vaping? What are its benefits? Is sub-ohm vaping for you?

We will take a look at everything you need to know about sub-ohm vaping.

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What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is using a vape coil that is below a 1.0ohm resistance. Anytime you see a vape kit or tank referred to as sub-ohm it is all centred on the vape coil having a low resistance.

If you are sub-ohm vaping it means that your coil runs at a higher power, so it heats up hotter, quicker. This means they vapourise e-liquid quicker, so you get much more vapour production.

Sub-ohm vaping is best reserved for regular or advanced vapers. The vaping experience is nothing like smoking as the airflow is wide open and you need to direct lung (DL) vape, so new vapers may not get the right kind of throat hit and flavour experience that they need from sub-ohm vaping.

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What Are the Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is an extremely specific vaping experience like no other. There are many pros to this style of vaping and once you get used to it most people can never go back to regular vaping. Let’s take a look at some highlights.

Cloud Production

Sub-ohm vaping produces huge clouds of vapour, this is the main draw for most people. Have you seen videos and pictures of people exhaling huge, thick cloud of vapour? They are vaping sub-ohm.

Intense Flavour

As more e-liquid is being vapourised to produce the huge clouds of vapour, you can achieve a more intense flavour experience. This does depend on the type of e-liquid though, so stick to something with a strong flavour and nothing that is 100% VG.

Smooth Vaping Experience

When you sub-ohm, it produces so much vapour that most people use little or no nicotine in their e-liquid, or nic salts. This means you get a very smooth vape.

Satisfying Lung Hit

Again, down to vapour production. There is so much vapour that this requires a DL vape, where you inhale the vapour directly into your lungs. This makes for a satisfying throat and chest hit.

How Does Sub Ohm Vaping Work?

Sub-ohm vaping bypasses the mouth. You combine wide open airflow, with low resistance coils, high VG juice, and inhale it directly into your lungs.

All of these factors combined create turbo charged clouds.

What Is Ohm’s Law?

Ohm’s law is a simple mathematical formula that expresses the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance. It states that you can change the current and power in your e-cig by simply altering the voltage and resistance. When you lower the resistance of your coil and increase the voltage of your e-cig, the current from the power in your battery is increased. This means you get more vapour produced as there is more power passing through your vape coil.

It is expressed as V=IR.

V – Voltage | I – Current | R – Resistance

In terms of sub-ohm vaping, unless you are going to build your own coils and use a mechanical mod with no internal protections, then you don’t really need to get into the mathematical formulas of Ohm’s Law.

All you need to understand is that the lower the resistance of your coil, the higher the power it will need and thus the more vapour your coil will produce.

If you ever get confused with what wattage your coil should use, then don’t worry. Most vape coils have their ideal wattage range printed on the metal casing of the atomizer head, so have a look there.

Safety Tips for Sub Ohm Vaping

As long as you are using a reputable vape kit and vape coils, then sub-ohm vaping is as safe as any other style of vaping.

One thing to consider is that when you use sub-ohm coils, especially those that are very low resistance, they put more of a strain on your battery. So, battery safety is key for a great sub-ohm vaping experience.

This only really applies if you use removable vape batteries, such as an 18650 or 21700. As you can remove them from the device, they are more likely to have a damaged casing. Internal batteries are sealed inside your e-cig, so it is very unlikely that your batteries will be damaged.

If your removable battery has sustained damage and then you use a very sub-ohm coil, the strain on the battery can cause it to vent inside your mod. So, make sure that you are taking good care of your batteries.

To vape safe read our Battery Safety Guide or for more info check out our Guide to Batteries.

Best E-liquid for Sub Ohm Vaping

While any e-liquid can be used when you are sub-ohm vaping, some are more suited than others and it all comes down to the diluents and nicotine strength. The two diluents used in vape juice have different jobs;

Propylene Glycol (PG) This is used to carry the flavouring, produce a throat hit, and thin the liquid to a less viscous consistency.
Vegetable Glycerine (VG) This is used to create the clouds of vapour, add a slight sweetness, and creates a thick consistency.


For sub-ohm vaping, you want a thick e-liquid that won’t run through the large sub-ohm coils, and one that is designed to give us thicker clouds of vapour. Going off the descriptions above it becomes obvious that the e-liquid best suited to sub-ohm vaping is one that is higher in VG.

We also need to consider nicotine strength. If sub-ohming, you will be DL vaping and getting much more vapour than regular e-cigs produce. This means that you want to lower your nicotine strength so you aren’t vaping too much nicotine.

It has also become very popular to vape nic salts in sub-ohm tanks. But we do not advise this. Nic salts are designed for new vapers to be able to vape a much higher nicotine strength with little or no throat hit. This is so that when they first make the switch to vaping, they can avoid the new vaper cough that can happen.

If you use nic salts, which are usually always a very high nicotine strength, in a sub-ohm kit, you will never know you are vaping too much nicotine as there is no physical feedback from the fluid, i.e. no massive throat hit to warn you the nicotine is too strong.

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Best Sub Ohm Vaping Devices

Now we have learned all about sub-ohm vaping, let’s take a look at some of the best kits to sub-ohm here at The Electronic Cigarette Company;

Joyetech EXCEED Grip Plus

A stunning pod kit, the Joyetech EXCEED Grip Plus which comes supplied with a 0.4ohm mesh EZ coil is great for newcomer’s to sub-ohm vaping.

Wismec R40 Pod Mod

If looks were anything to go by, the Wismec R40 Pod Mod would win the race. But it vapes great too, it comes with two sub-ohm coils for you to try and is a great DL device.

Eleaf iJust 3

The Eleaf iJust 3 is the daddy of all vape pens from Eleaf. It has a huge internal battery and comes with very low resistance coils. Truly plug and play as there are no settings to adjust.


The most powerful vape pod in the world. The SMOK RPM160 can go up to a whopping 160W and is a beast from the kings of cloud, SMOK. This is for advanced vapers only.

GeekVape Aegis Max

A great mod and sub-ohm tank combo. The GeekVape Aegis Max is supplied with very sub-ohm Z coils which are known for their stunning flavour. Again one for advanced vapers.


VOOPOO have found a winning formula with their PnP coils and the DRAG Max is great for new vapers. The coils are cross compatible with their most popular e-cig kits and vapers rave about their flavour and vapour production.



Sub Ohm Vaping with The Electronic Cigarette Company

This was a look at how sub-ohm vaping works, its benefits, and how to sub-ohm vape safely. Here at The Electronic Cigarette Company we have a massive range of sub-ohm kits and tanks for you to choose from. Need help picking your new sub-ohm vape kit? Drop onto our live chat.

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