Mixing your own e-liquid part 2; a précis from the Spinfuel article.

This carries on from the blog – mixing your own? no need to be scared!


It’s important to understand the ingredients you will be using when mixing, and how they work with each other. We have several articles already here on the blog about these, so if you don’t know your PG from your VG read about them here


But the basics are: PG provides the throat hit when inhaling, but so to a lesser degree do the nicotine and certain flavours. PG is thinner than VG.


VG provides the vapour and some of the sweetness.


Always use the best quality Pharmaceutical grade PG and VG you can find.


Nicotine, again use Pharmaceutical grade base liquids such as the Platinum or Titanium Ice.


The ratios of PG/VG/Nicotine strength and flavourings will make a huge difference to the flavour, take your time when mixing, and don’t be surprised if an obvious flavour choice needs a variation on a theme of concentrates, for e.g. – do you need orange flavour, or marmalade flavour? Is it milk chocolate or a dark chocolate that you need?   There is an art to flavour mixing, and the forums are a great place to hang out and see what others are doing.


WRITE EVERY RECIPE DOWN! – This will help in sorting out what is working, from what isn’t.


One final point for today- the flavour can take time to come through – sometimes a few hours, sometimes it may need an overnight ‘steep’.


Again – patience!


Chapter 3 of this will be out soon on Spinfuel, it is a great online vaping paper, and here is the link to Ch 2.






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