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The Best Menthol Vape Juice

As a stand-alone e-liquid, or as an addition to complex e-liquid mixes, menthol vape juice is one of the most popular e-liquid flavours.

In May 2020 menthol cigarettes were banned in the UK, this further increased the demand and popularity of menthol vape juice. It is now one of the most sought-after flavours in the e-liquid world.

In this guide we will break down what menthol e-liquid is, how it can benefit your vaping journey, and more importantly what some of the best menthol juices are.

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What Is Menthol Vape Juice?

Menthol vape juice is an e-liquid that contains a cooling menthol as its main flavour ingredient. It can be a natural or synthetic substance and is akin to the icy feeling that you experience from chewing gum or certain sweets.

As a singular juice flavour menthol could be described as ‘strong’, but not necessarily in actual flavour, let us explain. The cooling effect is experienced as soon as you inhale the vapour from a menthol vape juice. Imagine if you have just brushed your teeth and then you breathe in on a cold day…it’s like that.

Some menthol juices are stronger than others, have more cooling effect or less, and some mixed with other flavours to add just a hint of menthol flavour. It is this cooling element of the e-liquid that makes them so popular. You will find menthol vape juices in almost every combination, high VG, high PG, freebase nicotine and nic salts, 10ml bottles and short fill.

Most new vapers who are making the switch from smoking to vaping will choose a menthol flavour as their first e-liquid and since the menthol cigarette ban they have become even more popular, as smokers realise they are a perfect alternative to menthol cigarettes.

What Are The Advantages Of Menthol Vape Juice?

Thanks to its versatility and popularity, menthol vape juice can be paired with a huge variety of e-liquid flavours; tobacco, fruits, desserts, and sweets. In fact, pop a menthol with almost any flavour and it will work.

But menthol doesn’t only taste great, it has advantages too.

It is a ‘clean’ flavour. This means that is it gentle on your vape coils. We all know that some juices are coil killers thanks to the flavourings and sugar, but menthol on its own is the complete opposite. It is extremely easy on your coils and can prolong their life. If you are a vaper who needs a break from those coil killer juices, try a menthol vape juice.

If you were a smoker that was stung by the menthol cigarette ban in the UK, this might just be your saviour. It is an extremely popular option for smokers who are making the switch to vaping, even if they weren’t menthol smokers. If your brand of cigarette was banned and you are now struggling, menthol vape juice will give you a sensation extremely close to that of smoking a menthol cigarette.

When you first make the switch to vaping one of the most important things, after getting your nicotine cravings under control, is the physical feedback that you are used to when smoking. This is what we call throat hit, the sensation in the back of your throat and chest when you smoke. As menthol has a strong cooling effect it can simulate this sensation and enhance the amount of throat hit as you vape. Another reason why this is such a good first vape liquid.

Have you tried to lower your nic strength, but are struggling with a lack of throat hit? Then pick up a menthol juice. As mentioned above, the cooling effect can be strong giving you more of a ‘kick’ than say a fruit flavour. It can give you a kind of ‘pseudo’ throat hit that you wouldn’t normally get with a lower nicotine strength.

Finally, while menthol is technically a ‘flavour’ a lot of vapers relate pure menthol to a feeling rather than a flavour. This means you are never in danger of the dreaded vapers tongue. This is a phenomenon with vape juices, your palate becomes used to an e-liquid flavour you have been vaping and you can’t taste it anymore. You are less likely to experience this with a menthol e-liquid.

Menthol E-liquid Flavours

While you may think that all menthol vape juices are created equal, they most certainly aren’t. There is a huge range of purely menthol flavours, usually with differing degrees of ‘mentholiness’. On the table are tobacco, fruit, and dessert flavours all perfectly suited to be paired with a cooling menthol kick.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular menthol vape juice combos;

Traditional cool menthol

The immediate thought when the topic of menthol is brought up. This has one ingredient and no other flavours included. This is the vape juice that some vapers describe as a feeling rather than a flavour. It is cooling on the inhale and the exhale; it also comes in a varying degrees of menthol strength. Ranging from menthol, to ice menthol, and even double the menthol.

Tobacco and menthol

A blend of tobacco and menthol flavour is tried and tested over years in the traditional cigarette industry. The menthol takes the focus off tobacco, so those who want their vape to feel exactly like smoking should opt for a flavour like this.

Fruit and menthol

These are some of the most popular menthol flavour combinations. There is a seemingly endless array of fruit flavours available and if you add menthol to pretty much all of them, it will elevate it to another level. They start to taste like a frozen fruit as you experience a cooling kick on the inhale and juicy fruit on the exhale.

Dessert and menthol

You might think this as an unusual combination, but as previously mentioned, menthol is akin to a sensation rather than a flavour. Imagine there is an iced dessert that needs the cooling sensation to really bring the juice together, ice cream as an example. Enter a drop of menthol. If you like sweet flavour discover the Best Dessert E-Liquids for 2021.

Mint and menthol

The common misconception is that menthol and mint are one and the same. They aren’t. Menthol is not mint flavoured and mint does not always have a menthol coolness. This is a dream team though, as when menthol and mint combine it just ramps up the ‘mintyness’ and you have something special.

The Best Menthol Vape Juice Available

We at The Electronic Cigarette Company pride ourselves on our selection of vape juices. We have everything from 10ml bottles, to short fill, freebase nicotine, and nic salts. With the selection of menthol vape juice available on our site, there is one that will be perfect for you.

Let us run through some of our vast menthol vape juice selection and pick out some of our favourites.

TECC Titus E-liquid - Icy Blast – One of our best-selling menthol juices, this is a great ice menthol flavour known for its intense cooling. This type of vape juice is ideal for MTL vapers who have just started out, anyone who wants to make the switch to vaping from smoking or a DL vaper who might need a palate cleanser when they have vapers tongue.

MyVapors E-liquid - Cool Menthol – The MyVapors range comes through with the mint and menthol dream team. This has a sweet mint with a cool menthol kick. An ideal juice for anyone who loves menthol already, but wants to switch it up. With its 60:40 PG:VG ratio it is a higher PG juice, great for MTL vapers or anyone who wants more throat hit.

TECC Urban Chase Short Fill - Blackcurrant, Aniseed & Menthol – Urban Chase really come through with their short fill range. This fruity juice hits you in the palate with blackcurrant and aniseed on the inhale with a cooling touch on the exhale. DL vapers this is for you, great at high powers with its 70:30 VG:PG ratio. Chuck those cool clouds.

Double Drip 50/50 E-liquid - Menthol Tobacco – This is a 50:50 PG:VG blend of tobacco and menthol. Outstanding for new MTL vapers with low powered vape starter kits. This makes the transition from smoking to vaping even easier.

Pure Evil E-liquid - Pride – A perfect example of how menthol and a dessert flavour can just work. This is a high VG vape juice with a dominant butterscotch flavour. The menthol is a hint but presents on the exhale, just elevating the juice and making it great for all day vaping. This is one for DL vapers with high powered vape kits.

Summary of Menthol Vape Liquid

By now you should know everything there is to know about menthol vape juices. Their advantages, the huge array available and you might even know what your next pick will be.

When looking for your perfect menthol vape juice, consider what it is that you want out of your e-juice experience. If you want the maximum cooling sensation you want to lean towards a straight menthol flavour with either an ‘ice’ element or double the menthol.

For a great value vape read the 10 Best Cheap E Liquid in the UK.

Want to elevate your fruit vape juice and give it an extra kick? Then opt for a fruit menthol blend. Choose a dessert and menthol option to take the edge off the sweetness and add more kick.

Shop all Menthol Liquids here

There is a massive range of menthol vape juices available at The Electronic Cigarette Company. If you ever need help choosing your next menthol contact our expert customer service team who can nudge you in the right direction. If you want to learn more read our guide About Vape Liquid.

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