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VLTZ - Upgrade your disposable

VLTZ - Upgrade your disposable

VLTZ is a range of products that offer intense flavours in a variety of strengths including zero nicotine. If you want to move away from disposables toward something that is more cost effective and environmentally friendly, VLTZ has a product to help you on this journey.

The flex comes with prefilled pods that provide you with the same great flavour of disposables, without having to throw away the battery. It is ideal as your first step away from single use products and is just as easy to use. The re:fuel is a refillable disposable that you can use with VLTZ e-liquid. This kit will get you used to using vape tanks and bottles of vape juice.

VLTZ e-liquid is designed to mimic the same great flavour found in disposables, and can be used in most vape pod kits. Each one has been expertly crafted to supercharge your vaping experience. This offers an experience superior to anything currently on the market. Plus, every bottle is made to the highest standards in the UK by Totally Wicked.

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  1. VLTZ E-liquid | £2.92 Each With Subscription

    3 for £10

    VLTZ E-liquid
    • Upgrade your disposable
  2. VLTZ E-Liquid Subscription
    • 18 Flavours to choose from
  3. VLTZ re:fuel
    • Refill, reuse, recharge
    £9.99 Was £12.99
  4. VLTZ flex Bundle
    • Great taste, less waste
  5. VLTZ flex Battery
    • 900mAh battery
  6. VLTZ flex pod

    Prefilled with VLTZ E-liquid

    VLTZ flex pod x 1
    • Supercharge your tastebuds
  7. VLTZ flex Pod Subscription
    • 18 flavours to choose from

7 Items

per page
VLTZ range of e-liquid flavours

Disposable Flavours

The VLTZ range provides the same great taste as the leading disposables! It is available in 18 flavours with 3 nicotine strengths including zero. This e-liquid is designed for disposable users. Especially those who have struggled to find an e-liquid range that matches the powerful flavours found in the Elf Bar and Geek Bar.

Great taste,
less waste

The VLTZ range is designed to offer a variety of solutions to disposable users who want to vape sustainably while saving money. The flex uses replaceable pods, meaning you won’t need to throw away the whole device. For even better savings try VLTZ E-liquid. Each 10ml provides the same amount of e-liquid as 5 regular disposables, offering unbelievable value!

VLTZ sustainability
Multiple VLTZ products on a platform

Discover The VLTZ Range

The VLTZ flex is a rechargeable battery that uses prefilled pods. Each of these is the equivalent to a single disposable, with a single pod costing £2.99.

The re:fuel is a refillable and rechargeable kit. There are no messy coil changes needed, just fill the tank and vape. When paired with a 10ml bottle of VLTZ it will last 5 times as long as the leading disposables.


What Are The Most Popular VLTZ E-liquid Flavours?

The most popular VLTZ E-liquid flavour is Energy Ice. This flavour in particular proves to be the most popular across most disposable ranges. So, it is no surprise that it would also be the most popular flavour in this range. Another popular choice is Blue Razz Lemonade as it offers a sweet but fruity taste with a fizzy finish.

What Vape Kit Should I Use VLTZ E-liquid With?

This liquid can be used with the R1 refillable disposable kit and Joyetech EVIO C with the 0.8ohm coil. For those switching from disposables there are some great options. The VLTZ re:fuel kit is just as easy to use but has a refillable pod to add the e-liquid. Plus, the best part is that you can refill the same kit multiple times making it even better value.

If you want to stick with a disposable device the VLTZ bar is the best choice. It is available in all 10 supercharged flavours in a choice of nicotine strengths. Another option is the VLTZ flex. This is similar to devices such as RELX or the Elf Bar Mate 500. Unlike the bar, this device uses disposable pods that come prefilled with VLTZ E-liquid.

What Strength Of VLTZ E-liquid Is Best?

The 1.6% strength is suited towards heavy smokers, whereas the 1.0% is best for casual smokers who require less nicotine. If you no longer require nicotine but continue to vape to stay away from cigarettes then the VLTZ zero e-liquid is the best choice. This contains the same great flavours but with no nicotine.

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