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Vape Coils

Vape coils come in all shapes and sizes, each one giving a different vape experience. Coils are the heart of any e-cig, and depending on the resistance you choose, can totally alter the output to suit your style. We stock a full range of coils, including regular, sub-ohm, mesh and rebuildable options to choose from. We also run a coil price promise, which means that you will always pay the best price on all the top brands like Aspire, SMOK, Innokin, VOOPOO and more.


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What are vape coils?

Coils, also known as e-cig coils, vape coils or atomizer heads, are the changeable part of your vape tank. They heat up e-liquid and create the clouds of vapour we are so used to. Vape coils are named as such due to having a piece of coiled wire inside, which is usually wrapped by a wicking material such as cotton to soak up e-liquid ready to turn it into vapour. Coils can’t work without getting power from your e-cig battery, which supplies voltage/wattage to the coil, heating it and vapourising the e-liquid.

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Vape coils usually have an outer case, coiled wire and wicking material. The coils are packed with wicking material, which allows for an even and consistent vape once heated. Coils are available in a wide variety of metals and resistance options to suit a vapers personal style.

What is coil resistance?

Coils use ohm's (Ω) to measure the electrical resistance. You may have heard the term 'sub-ohm', which means the resistance is less than 1.0ohm and creates much more vapour, while other ‘regular’ coils are anything above 1.0ohm, but usually around 1.5-2.8ohms. Sub ohm coils will get warmer when vaped, and provide a larger amount of vapour with more intense flavour from your e-liquid. They are also used with DL (direct lung) vaping, where you inhale directly into the lungs to produce large clouds of vapour. Sub-ohm coils can also use more e-liquid than regular coils, due to the additional heat and vapour produced.

Regular coils offer you a cooler vape experience that is not as strong, and better if you want to use e liquids with a higher amount of nicotine. They are often used with MTL (mouth to lung) vaping, which offers an experience that is quite similar to smoking.

It is important to choose the right e-liquid to go with your e-cig coil. Sub-ohm coils are best with a lower nicotine strength, but a higher amount of VG. A standard e cig coil is best when used with higher nicotine e-liquid with more PG to get the experience closer to smoking.

How long do coils last?

Vape coils are a consumable item, so they will degrade with usage and need replacing to keep your kit in good working order. There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to changing an e-cig coil, such as how much you vape, the resistance of the coil, power settings that are used and even the type of e-liquid you’re vaping. If you use your e-cig all the time (usually known as a heavy vaper), then you may have to change the coil once a week, regular vapers who only take 2-4 draws with each use may need to change the coil every two weeks, and light vapers who use an e-cig less often, may only have to change the coil once a month.

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Coil life is hard to estimate as each vaper is different. You can usually tell when a coil needs to be changed when you notice a reduction in flavour, experience a burnt taste or vapour is no longer coming out when you try to use it.

Vape Coils at The Electronic Cigarette Company

Vape coils are the key to a great vape experience. The e cigarette coil is responsible for creating those clouds of vapour, the kick at the back of your throat and that strong e-liquid flavour we all love.

We stock a huge variety of coils. With a range of wire types, some designed only for temperature control, plenty of resistance choices, including a massive range of sub-ohm e cig coils, you can truly choose your own vaping experience.

Don’t forget if you find the same coils elsewhere at a lower price, we will match it by giving your account a credit for double the difference. Want to know more? Then check out our Coil Price Promise.

If you’re finding it hard to choose the best coil for you, feel free to email our Customer Service Team at [email protected] or if you need help now, look at the bottom right of your screen for our Live Chat window (live chat is available Monday 10am - 4pm and Tuesday - Friday, 9:15am - 4pm).

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