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How To Avoid Dry Hits from Disposable Vapes

When vaping, it’s likely that at some point you may experience a dry or burnt taste in your mouth after taking a puff from your device. This is not a pleasant experience for any vaper and is something that can be avoided.

Dry hits can happen with both disposable vapes and refillable kits; however, we'll be focusing on how to avoid dry hits from disposable vapes in this post and get you up to date with the reasons why you may be experiencing these.

What is a dry hit?

A dry hit is an unpleasant experience in which, when you take a hit from your vaping device, you are left with a bad taste in your mouth and a vapourless hit. This is often the result of there not being enough e-liquid on the wick, which leads to a dry, cotton-like taste in your mouth after inhaling.

Many vapers will experience this at certain points in their vaping journey and, for new vapers especially, it might seem like the device is broken if you’re experiencing dry hits with a new disposable. Whilst this might be the case, dry hits can happen for a number of other reasons, which we’ll talk you through below.

Why Does My Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?

There are several reasons you might be experiencing a dry hit from your disposable, including:

Vaping too frequently - If you don’t let your device settle in between your puffs, you may not be leaving enough time for the wick to soak up the e-liquid, meaning that you are experiencing premature dry hits even if there is enough e-liquid in the device. This may be the case if your device is new.

Running low on e-liquid - Disposables come with a limited lifespan and if the e-liquid inside runs out, it is very likely that you will start to experience dry hits as there isn’t enough liquid for the wick to absorb. Most will normally last up to 600 puffs before you start to get a burnt taste, but it depends on how large your draws are. Once it does run out, simply replace it for a new one.

Faulty device - As with any electronic device, from time to time it is possible that your kit is faulty. If your device is brand new, and you have tried all the other fixes, it’s possible that you have a faulty device.

How Do I Avoid Dry Hits?

To reduce your risk of an unpleasant dry hit, you should trial the following fixes:

Leave time in between your puffs - If you know that you vape frequently and don’t let your device settle between puffs, it’s important to change this habit to avoid dry hits moving forward. Once you’ve taken a few puffs, allow the device to rest for around 1 minute before continuing.

Not only will this help you to avoid dry hits but, if you are an ex-smoker, it will also allow time for you to evaluate whether the first session satisfied your nicotine cravings.

Tilt or reposition your device - To help the wick with absorption, it can be useful to reposition or tilt your device to allow e-liquid to distribute and resettle elsewhere in the device. This can be especially helpful if you know that your tank is nearly empty and will allow you to grab those last few puffs.

Purchase a new disposable - A dry hit or burnt-tasting disposable vape is a likely sign that your device has run out of e-liquid or the cotton wick has stopped working effectively due to wear and tear, as expected from a single-use vape. At this stage, it’s time to recycle your disposable vape and purchase a fresh one.

Replace a faulty device - If you believe your device is faulty, you should contact the retailer that you purchased your vape from and ask for their advice. Here at The Electronic Cigarette Company, we are happy to assist on any issues - particularly if you’re experiencing dry hits from a faulty vape.

Now you know what could be causing your dry hits, you can fix the issue at the source. Whether your disposable has simply run out of e-liquid or there is a bigger issue such as your device underperforming, please contact us if you need any further advice.

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