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Nicotine Free Vape Liquid

Zero nicotine vape liquid is perfect for anyone who wants the sensation of vaping without the added nicotine. It is the go-to option for anyone looking to take that final step away from nicotine for good. With nicotine free e liquid, you can finally quit once and for all. Check our nicotine free vape liquid options below from some of the best brands, and discover your next flavour today. Read more about nicotine free e-liquid.


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  1. Frukt Cyder Short Fill
    • High VG Fruit cider
  2. Frukt Cyder Short Fill - Strawberry Lime
    • 50ml Strawberry, Lime
  3. Frukt Cyder Short Fill - Plum Red Apple
    • 50ml Apple, Plumb
  4. Frukt Cyder Short Fill - Mixed Berries
    • 50ml Mixed Berries
  5. Frukt Cyder Short Fill - Passionfruit
    • 50ml Passionfruit
  6. Frukt Cyder Short Fill - Peach Apricot
    • 50ml Peach, Apricot
  7. Frukt Cyder Short Fill - Mango Raspberry
    • 50ml Mango, Raspberry
  8. SQZD Short Fill
    • Fruity sub ohm vape
  9. SQZD Short Fill - Watermelon Kiwi
    • 50ml Watermelon, Kiwi
  10. SQZD Short Fill - Tropical Punch
    • 50ml Mixed Fruits
  11. SQZD Short Fill - Strawberry Raspberry
    • 50ml Strawberry, Raspberry
  12. SQZD Short Fill - Mango Lime
    • 50ml Mango, Lime

129 Items

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The Benefits Of Zero Nicotine Vape Juice

0mg e-liquids, those without nicotine, offers all the benefits of vaping without the addiction that comes from nicotine. From a wellness point of view, 0mg is a great step.

You can still expect all your favourite flavours, from menthol to cherry, and even tobacco for those who want the ultimate smoking sensation with none of the nicotine.

Other Benefits Of Zero Nicotine Vape Juice

While the benefits to your health from zero nicotine vape juice is by far the most important, there are more upsides to vaping no nicotine e-liquids. Especially for those who enjoy customising their vape experience to their own preferences. Here are three other benefits to nicotine free vaping.

1. Bigger Clouds

By not including nicotine in your e-liquid, you allow more space for the ingredients which make clouds. Going nicotine free means you can increase the VG in your vape juice. Put simply, VG is what produces the clouds when you vape. Swap your nicotine out for VG and you'll be on your way to bigger clouds in no time at all.

2. Stronger Flavours

For similar reasons to why you get bigger clouds, flavour is also impacted when choosing a nicotine free vape juice. Again, there's more space for the flavourings which means you get a higher quality kick of flavour than you would when including nicotine. In short, expect sharper, cleaner flavours!

3. Smoother Hit

Those who vape e-liquids with no nicotine often report the experience feels a whole lot smoother. Generally, the less nicotine in your liquid, the less of a throat hit you can expect. So for those who enjoy a smooth hit, vaping nicotine free liquids is a great place to work towards.

Who Is Nicotine Free E Liquid Best Suited For?

Nicotine free e-liquid is suited towards vapers who want to cut out nicotine from their lives. The goal of vaping is to eventually get smokers to no longer require nicotine. This is where zero nicotine vape juice is so important.

When ex-smokers are trying to reduce the amount of nicotine they need, the best way to do so is by finding the right flavour at the right strength. Once they have found an all-day-vape they should start to lower the nicotine strength over time. Each vaper is different so how long this takes can vary.

Many vapers choose to stick with the strength they are happy with and continue to vape, which is much safer than returning to smoking. But for vapers who want to cut out nicotine completely, they may want to switch to a different e-liquid to see if that makes any difference.

Once vapers lower their nicotine needs to zero, there are other factors to keeping them away from cigs. Many ex-smokers don’t just require nicotine from vaping. The sensation of inhaling vapour and getting a throat hit is what makes vaping effective. This is because it offers an experience close to smoking. Even when vapers no longer require nicotine will still need time to get used to no longer needing to vape. Nicotine free e-liquid allows vapers to continue to vape even when they no longer need nicotine to help their smoke free journey.

What Is The Best Non Nicotine Vape Juice?

Choosing a nicotine free vape juice is all about personal preference. Vapers who already have a go-to e-liquid that is also sold in zero nicotine option should go for that. It will offer the same flavour they enjoy but without the nicotine.

TECC Titus

The TECC Titus range offers a range of flavours in 5 strengths making it a great choice for vapers who want to gradually bring down their nicotine intake. Even heavy smokers can start off with a 1.8% vape juice and gradually bring it down to 0%.

One of the stand-out flavours is Titus Tobacco which offers earthy tones with a hint of caramel. It is a great choice for new vapers as it provides a similar but better flavour than a cigarette. This makes the initial transition from smoking to vaping easy. It also comes in 1.8%, 1.0%, 0.6%, 0.3% and 0.0% strengths. This allows vapers to start at their preferred level and work their way down.

The TECC Titus range comes in 10ml bottles with a 50:50 VG/PG level making it perfect for both MTL and sub-ohm vaping while compatible with most vape kits. It is also in our 3 for £10 multi-buy deal. So, whether you want to try a few flavours or go for the same in different strengths the Titus range is a must try.


Another nicotine free vape option is shortfill e-liquid. These contain no nicotine and need nic shots to added nicotine to the vape juice. We stock a wide range of shortfill e-liquid from the best brands.

This type of e-liquid without a nic shot is more suited to sub-ohm vape kits. This is because the high VG level can struggle to wick when used with MTL and vape pod kits with higher coil resistances.

If you are unsure where to begin, or need more help look in the bottom right of your screen for our live chat window. Live Chat is available Mon-Fri 9am-4:45pm.

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