E-cigarette Atomizers

Atomizers are the key to a satisfying vaping experience. If your e-cigarette is the body, then the atomizer head is the heart. The atomizer is responsible for creating those clouds of vapour, the kick on the back of your throat and that intense e-liquid flavour we all desire.

The Electronic Cigarette Company stocks a huge variety of atomizer heads. With a range of wire types, some specifically designed for temperature control and varying resistances, including a massive range of sub-ohm atomizers, you can truly personalise your vaping experience.

Don’t forget, that if you find the same atomizer heads elsewhere at a lower price we will happily match it by giving you a credit on your account for double the difference. Want to know more? Then check out our Atomizer Price Match.

If you’re unsure which atomizer you need, check out our “Atomizers By Kit” or “Atomizers by Tank” sections. Here you can search for your e-cig or tank and find compatible atomizers, as well as some handy information on optimal wattage settings and recommended nicotine levels.

If you’re still struggling to find the best atomizer head for you, feel free to email our Customer Service Team at info@theelectroniccigarette.co.uk or if you need help now, look at the bottom right of your screen for our Live Chat window between the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm



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