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A Guide to The Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub-ohm vaping is the best way to get huge clouds of vapour. If you want to chuck that vapour then you need to get your hands on a sub-ohm tank and some high VG vape juice.

Sub-ohm tanks need high powers, so we are talking about mods with big batteries and massive vape coils. This is the only guide to sub-ohm vape tanks you need.

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What To Look For In Sub Ohm Vaping Tanks

When you are looking for the perfect sub-ohm tank there are some key features to look out for;

Wide bore drip tip

One of the keys to successful sub-ohm vaping is wide open airflow, but this is not just from the tank itself. You have to have huge airflow when you are inhaling your vapour too. This means a nice big mouthpiece. The wider the drip tip, the more vapour can be inhaled through it.

Adjustable airflow

Your tank has to have a massive, wide open airflow. Using a sub-ohm tank means you need high powers and large low resistance coils. This generates a lot of heat and a lot of vapour, so you need an airflow that is wide open to let you DL vape and get as much vapour as possible. An adjustable airflow is a must.

Sub-ohm coils

A sub-ohm tank needs sub-ohm coils. These will be much bigger than regular coils, will have more wicking, might have multiple or mesh coils and will have big e-liquid inlet holes. With this type of DL vaping, the bigger the better when it comes to coils as this means there is more surface area. More surface area means more flavour and vapour production.

Easy e-liquid refilling

Vape tanks in the UK are legally only allowed to hold 2ml of vape juice. When you sub-ohm vape you run through your e-liquid much quicker than standard vaping. This means you are going to be refilling much more often, so a quick and easy refilling method is key. Look out for a sliding top fill as these are the easiest.

What Are The Best Sub Ohm Tanks For Flavour?

Some of you are flavour chasers, some are cloud chasers, but what if you are both? What if you want huge clouds and fantastic flavour? Well then you need a sub-ohm vape tank that is designed for flavour.

Aspire Nautilus GT

Aspire Nautilus GT

The Aspire Nautilus GT Tank is a stunning metal and glass tank, a collab with two top e-cig brands, Aspire and Taifun, who have created a user friendly sub-ohm tank that is the highest quality and brimming with flavour thanks to the Aspire coils.

Joyetech ProCore SE

Joyetech ProCore SE

An all-glass design with the sub-ohm ProC coils which go down to 0.25ohm, and in true Joyetech style provide an outstanding blend of cloud production and flavour. Take a look at the Joyetech ProCore SE Tank here.

What Are The Best Sub Ohm Tanks For Clouds?

Clouds, clouds and more clouds. We see you cloud chasers out there and we have your backs. For the biggest clouds we need massive coils and even bigger airflow for the perfect DL vape. The more airflow that runs through your tank and over your coil, the bigger the cloud of vapour will be.

Couple that with a high VG vape juice and you are onto a winner.


A simple yet powerful sub-ohm tank from the kings of clouds. The SMOK TFV9 Tank boasts wwivel refilling, huge 0.15ohm mesh coils and wide open airflow, perfect for chasing those clouds.


GeekVape Z Sub Ohm Tank

The GeekVape Z Sub Ohm Tank not only looks stunning, it performs like a dream. Delightful sub-ohm coils, all the way down to 0.2ohm which are also push fit and a nice big drip tip. This is a great DL vape.

GeekVape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank

The Best Sub Ohm Tanks for Beginners

If you are brand new to vaping, sub-ohm tanks are not really advisable. They produce massive amounts of vapour, require direct lung inhaling and are far away from the sensation of smoking. Saying that, if you have done your research and are set on a sub-ohm tank, then picking the correct one is extremely important.

You need something extremely easy to use with as little maintenance as possible. We will stick to mainly pods in this section, as while they are a vape pod, they still give you an outstanding sub-ohm vaping experience.



The VOOPOO ARGUS Air is a vape pod kit with a sub-ohm coil. It is a 0.8ohm push fit coil and the entire kit is great for beginners, it even has a smart mode so you don’t need to alter your settings.

Eleaf MELO 5 Tank

Eleaf MELO 5 Tank

The Eleaf MELO 5 Tank is easy to use, locking top fill, consistent sub-ohm coils, this is the perfect tank to dip your toe into sub-ohm vaping.

What Are The Best Sub Ohm Tank Brands?

Here at The Electronic Cigarette Company we pride ourselves on having the biggest selection of vaping brands all in one place. This means that when it comes to sub-ohm tanks, we know our stuff.

But who are the sub-ohm masters? Let’s take a look at the best sub-ohm brands.

As previously mentioned, these are the kings of clouds. SMOK has been in the game for a long time and with that experience comes the ultimate sub-ohm experience. Honed over years, their tank and coil combos are ideal for DL vaping.

voopoo logo

With their PnP coils, VOOPOO is still fairly new to the sub-ohm arena, but has smashed into many vapers favourite. VOOPOO’s most popular vape pods all take the same set of coils, sub-ohm and great for flavour. This means no buying new coils when a shiny new kit comes out.

Not your typical sub-ohm beasts and might be a surprise to some. But Aspire deserve a mention for their 0.7ohm mesh BVC coil. Long lasting, consistent and outstanding flavour.

What Is the Best E-liquid For Sub Ohm Tanks?

Do you need a particular e-liquid for your sub-ohm tank? While any e-liquid can be vaped in sub-ohm tanks, not all are suited. To get the very best out of your sub-ohm DL vape you need a thick e-liquid that will produce bigger clouds of vapour.

That means you want a vape juice that is high in the diluent vegetable glycerine (VG). VG is a thick liquid, with a slight sweetness and is responsible for producing your clouds of vapour and thickening your e-liquid.

This thicker vape juice holds better in your sub-ohm coils. As the coils are much bigger than a higher resistance coil, a thin e-liquid can run through it and cause leaking.

As it is responsible for cloud production as well, it also helps with those huge clouds of vapour.

Look out for a PG:VG ratio where the VG content is higher. Something like 30:70 or 20:80, this number means there is more VG than PG, so the vape juice will be much thicker and produce more clouds of vapour.

You can find high VG juice in the extensive collection right here on our site.

If you want to learn more read our guide About Vape Liquid.


Summary of Sub Ohm Vape Tanks

This was our look at the ultimate guide to sub-ohm vape tanks. To get the very best sub-ohm vaping experience you need big coils, wide open airflow, and a simple refilling method.

If you didn’t see a sub-ohm tank here that you think suits you, or you need some more advice why not contact our customer service team who are on hand to help.

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