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Vape Pod E-cigs at The Electronic Cigarette Company

The Electronic Cigarette Company stock a wide range of vape pod e-cig kits well suited to a variety of vapers. Vape pods are very simple to use and are great for new vapers who are looking to quit smoking, or for existing vapers after a portable e-cig to use whilst out and about.

The Joyetech TEROS ONE features stunning glass panel finishes to add some style to your vaping experience. The Electronic Cigarette Company also stock a range of other vape pod e-cig kits such as the Wismec R40, with replaceable coils, the Aspire AVP Pro, and more.

We also stock the JUUL Vape Pod e-cig kit, which put vape pods on the map and has seen enormous success across the pond in the USA, thanks to its pre-filled nicotine salt vape pods which make vaping simple and effective for new vapers.

About Vape Pod E-cigs

Since 2015, vape pod e-cig kits have become very popular amongst vapers looking for a hassle-free vaping experience. When the JUUL Vape Pod e-cig kit launched, it not only put vape pods into the mainstream, it also spawned a new generation of vape pod kits available to vapers worldwide, thanks to its huge success.

A vape pod e-cig works by having a battery and a ‘pod’ which usually contains a built-in coil, although these can be replaced on certain models. The pods can sometimes be supplied pre-filled with e-liquid or require filling prior to usage. Most vape pods have automatic batteries, which activate when vapers inhale, helping to simulate the sensation of smoking.

Existing vapers have begun to use vape pod e-cigs with nicotine salt e-liquids, as pod systems are better suited to the often higher nicotine strength and overall vaping experience nic salts can provide. They are also compact and pocket friendly which can make vape pods the ideal back up device.

New vapers across the world have found vape pod systems to be the ideal introduction to e-cigarettes, and if you are looking for something easy to use with no settings to adjust, then a vape pod e-cig could help you find that freedom from smoking!

Vape Liquids

We stock a large range of leading vape liquid brands which are well suited for use with our vape pod kits. From fruity combinations to more traditional offerings like menthol and tobacco staples, we have an ideal flavour for you. Some leading vape liquid brands include Double DripElementNasty JuicePocket FuelRiot Squad and more.

We also produce a wide variety of own brand vape liquids, all manufactured here in the UK to the highest quality. Our own brands include TitanTitus, and Urban Chase. Choosing the ideal vape liquid for you can often seem daunting, but if you need any additional help, feel free to contact our customer service team for guidance. 

If you are still struggling to choose your vape pod e-cig kit, why not contact us using the live chat option at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, alternatively give us a call on 01254 269 380. Our Customer Services team will be happy to help.