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Disposable Vapes

Our range of Disposable vapes are designed to offer a perfect entry level device for smokers looking for a simple to use alternative to combustible cigarettes. Disposable e-cigs come in a variety of flavours, and are usually prefilled with nic salt e-liquid for a more satisfying nicotine delivery. Below are some of the best disposables vape kits from the biggest brands, including the Geek Bar and IORE 500. Read more about disposable vapes and vape pens.

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  1. GeekVape Geek Bar Disposable E-cig from TECC

    Buy 4 for £20!

    Geek Bar Disposable Vape Pod
    • Convenient nic salt vaping
  2. GeekVape Geek Bar Lite Disposable E-cig from TECC

    Prefilled with nic salt liquid

    GeekVape Geek Bar Lite Disposable E-cig
    • Compact nic salt pod
  3. Totally Wicked Disposable Vape Pen from tecc.co.uk

    Buy 5 for £19.99!

    Totally Wicked Disposable Vape Pen
    • Up to 500 puffs
  4. Elf Bar 600 Disposable Kit from tecc.co.uk

    Prefilled with nic salt liquid

    Elf Bar 600 Disposable Kit
    • Up to 600 puffs
  5. Nasty Airfix Disposable Vape from tecc.co.uk

    Prefilled with nic salt liquid

    Nasty Airfix Disposable Vape
    • Features adjustable airflow
  6. Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen from tecc.co.uk

    Prefilled with nic salt liquid

    Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen
    • Up to 400 puffs
  7. IVG Bar Disposable E-cig from tecc.co.uk

    Prefilled with nic salt liquid

    IVG Bar Disposable E-cig
    • Up to 600 puffs
  8. SMOK VVOW Disposable E-cig from tecc.co.uk

    Prefilled with nic salt liquid

    SMOK VVOW Disposable E-cig
    • 500mAh battery
  9. Eleaf IORE 500

    Prefilled with nic salt liquid

    Eleaf IORE 500
    • A convenient disposable e-cig
  10. ULTD Beco Bar Disposable E-cig from TECC

    Prefilled with nic salt liquid

    ULTD Puff Bar Disposable E-cig
    • 300 Puffs

10 Items

per page
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Why Choose Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are the best choice for new vapers who require a device that is simple to use and requires little set up or adjustments. They come as an all-in-one package with the e-liquid, coil, tank and battery all in one compact device making it convenient to use. This also means users don’t need to order any extras like coils or extra vape juice. All they need is the disposable kit to vape.

Disposables come pre-filled will e-liquid which usually lasts 500 puffs. Once empty simply dispose of the empty device and use a fresh one. This also means they don’t need charging either so vapers won’t need to carry a USB cable in case they need to recharge.

The e-liquid used in most disposable e cigs is nic salt. This type of e-liquid mimics the natural salts found in tobacco resulting in a smoother vape and a sharper nicotine hit. Smokers who are struggling to quit will find nic salt e-liquid offers a sensation close to cigarettes.

The overall compact and simple design of a disposable vape kit also makes it a great spare for more experienced vapers who need a quick and easy vape kit to use on-the-go that they don’t need to worry about losing. Many vapers prefer the vape juice that comes prefilled in disposable devices, so stick with them as it is the only way of vaping their favourite e-liquid.

Best Disposable Vapes Brand

Here are just some of the best disposable vapes available from top brands.

Geek Bar

The Geek Bar from GeekVape comes in a range of bright and colourful disposable e-cigs. Choose from a variety of 15 flavours ranging from Sweet Strawberry to Tobacco all in a 2.0% nic salt ideal for smokers trying to quit.

Vapers looking for a different option can also choose the Geek Bar Lite. This kit has 10 delicious flavours to choose from in 2.0% (20mg) nic salt strength, and would be an ideal pick up and vape device.

Nasty Juice

The Nasty Airfix is a disposable vape kit by Nasty juice taking some of the iconic flavours such as Cushman into a compact kit design for convenient vaping. Coming in 13 delicious flavours ranging from juicy fruits to more classic tobacco for vapers who still prefer a taste similar to smoking the Nasty Airfix caters to most preferences. It also comes in two nicotine strengths for even more choice. Plus, the airflow can also be adjusted by twisting the base of the kit.


The SMOK VVOW disposable e-cig is powered by an 500mAh battery and comes prefilled with 2ml of nic salt. This allows it to produce up to 500 puffs of vapour. The nicotine salt e-liquid comes in a 50/50 PG VG ratio and has a 20mg strength making it ideal for new vapers as it replicates the sensation of smoking. The 1.5ohm coil integrated into the SMOK disposable kit also delivers a great MTL vape.


The IVG Bar is a disposable e-cig that can produce up to 600 puffs of vapour. Powered by an integrated 500mAh battery and prefilled with 2ml of nic salt e-liquid it delivers a great MTL vape and mimics the sensation of smoking. Plus, the 20mg e-liquid provides enough nicotine for most vapers. Choose from flavours such as Ale Grape Ice, Butter Cookie and Cola Ice.

Totally Wicked

With the launch of the Totally Wicked Disposable Vape Pen, or DVP as it is known, this popular vape brand has created a compact and sleek disposable kit. It is one of the few that comes prefilled with UK manufactured e-liquid, which means vapers can be assured of a high quality vape experience time and time again. 

The Totally Wicked DVP is available in 8 tasty flavours, all provided in a 1.6% strength using a nic salt formulation. No matter your flavour preference, there is bound to be a new favourite with this disposable vape kit.

Dinner Lady

The Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen has a compact build perfect for storing in a pocket when on the move. Containing 1.5ml of e-liquid and powered by an integrated 350mAh battery it can produce up to 400 puffs of vapour. A variety of sweet and fruity flavours are available including popular tastes such as Lemon Sherbets and Tropic Chill. Plus, a Smooth Tobacco flavour is also available for those who prefer a traditional vape.


The Eleaf IORE 500 disposable offers a convenient vaping solution for both new and existing vapers. Available in 4 flavour options, this selection features popular e-liquid flavours that cater to any preference. Choose from Blueberry Ice, Mango Ice, Mint and Tobacco. Plus, the 1.4ohm coil offers a quality mouth-to-lung vape.

ULTD Salts

The ULTD Puff Bar packs in everything vapers love about this e-liquid brand into an compact, neatly designed disposable. With 9 flavours to choose from, each ULTD Puff Bar can last up to 300 puffs per device, and will easily slip into any pocket for the ultimate in convenience vaping.

Elf Bar

The Elf Bar has a formidable 22 flavours on offer, ranging from tobacco and methol to tasty fruit options. The slightly larger battery allows it to last up to 600 puffs, and it comes prefilled with nic salt e liquid in 2.0% (20mg) strength. If you need a disposable that can easily last all day, the Elf bar is an ideal choice.

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

The majority of disposable vapes will contain enough e-liquid for over 500 puffs. The battery of the device will last long enough for all the e-liquid inside to be used. The number of disposable e-cigs someone needs depends on their smoking habits. Those who require more nicotine will go through more than a less heavy smoker. However, disposable vape kits do come filled with high strength nic salt which provides more nicotine than a lower strength freebase e-liquid while still offering a smooth vape.

How Many Cigarettes Are In A Disposable e cig?

It is difficult to calculate this as each device will contain a different strength e-liquid and a different quantity. However, a single disposable e-cig that produces 500 puffs should roughly provide the same amount of nicotine as packet of 20 cigarettes.

On average, disposable vapes should last around a day, maybe two depending on the device and individual usage. Heavy vapers may need to carry more than one around to make sure they do not run out, whilst regular vapers should find one device lasts the expected amount of time.

What Disposable Vape Is Best For Me?

The best disposable vape for you depends on a few factors, but mostly it's down to which flavour is preferred overall. Also depending on which type of vaper you may be, there may be one device that offers a better vaping performance suited to your style.

Frequent, or heavy vapers should go for a device which has the full 2ml e-liquid capacity with 2.0% nicotine strength and largest battery capacity. This will make sure that your device will last the time you need it to, without having to carry too many around.

A good option for heavy vapers would be something like the Geek Bar, which has a large battery capacity and is prefilled with 2ml nic salt e-liquid in 2.0%/20mg strength. It also has enough flavour variety to suit practically any vaping preference. Alternatively the Elf Bar would be ideal, thanks to its big battery life and great selection of 22 flavours that cater to those who love sweet fruity flavours and cool minty options.

Regular or occasional vapers can choose any disposable to suit their needs, such as the ULTD Puff Bar, which has a very compact, slim design that is easy to carry around. With Tobacco, menthol and fruit flavours, this kit suits any vaper. The Geek Bar Lite would also make a good choice. It has a slightly smaller battery and 1.3ml e-liquid capacity, but is available in a range of delicious flavours that are sure to impress any who give it a try.

Reasons To Buy A Disposable Vape

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider buying disposable vapes. Below are just some of the things to take note of.

Ready To Use

Disposables are supplied ready to use straight out of the box. One of the most inconvenient things vapers encounter is having to set up a new e cig, prime the coil and make sure the battery is set correctly. With a disposable vape all of these things are no longer needed, and you can start using them right away without having to worry about anything other than the vape experience.

Eliminates Refilling

For vapers who are always on the move for work or simply don't want to bother having to refill their tanks, disposable vapes are an ideal solution. Each one comes prefilled with e-liquid in a variety of flavours and strengths, removing the hassle of having to refill every few hours.

No Need To Recharge

Sometimes it can be difficult to recharge your e cig while out and about. Disposables eliminate this worry by coming pre-charged and ready to go. Depending on which model you choose, you can get up to 600 puffs before the battery runs out, giving that extra piece of mind.

Convenient To Carry

Disposable vapes are without a doubt the most convenient way to vape. The compact size means that they can be carried in virtually any size pocket, bag or purse, without having to find space for a larger device. They also offer great performance equal to many starter kits, and are great for vapers that don't wish to carry anything too cumbersome.

Best Disposable Vapes Flavour

The best thing about disposables is the wide variety of flavours available. While flavours are subjective, with everyone having a different preference, we have detailed some of our favourites to choose from.


Those new to vaping will definitely want to try out tobacco flavoured disposable vapes. With outstanding tobacco options from the Geek Bar, IORE 500 and ULTD Puff Bar, there are plenty of reasons to check these ones out.


A vaping favourite for many years, menthol is a refreshingly good flavour that can be vaped all day long. It is also a great choice for those who previously smoked menthol cigarettes, helping deliver an experience that is closer to smoking. For the best menthol flavours, try the Geek Bar or the IORE 500


Very few things can beat a good strawberry flavour in our opinion. And it just so happens that some of the very best strawberry flavours can be found in some of our disposable vapes. If you prefer a fruity blast of sweet strawberry to get you thorugh the day, look no further than the Geek Bar or Elf Bar.


From luscious mango to sweet passionfruit and guava, there is plenty of tropical flavours to choose from with disposables. If you fancy switching things up and taking a more tropical approach to vaping, then the Geek Bar Lite, Elf Bar and ULTD Puff Bar have you covered.

If you are unsure where to begin, or require more help understanding the different types of disposable vapes, look to the bottom right of your screen for our live chat window.

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