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The Best Mouth To Lung E-liquid

The Best Mouth-to-Lung E-liquids

The best e-liquid for MTL vapers is high PG or 50/50 vape juice including nic salts. Most e-liquid is suitable for mouth-to-lung vaping but these select few provide an overall better vaping experience. Each has its own benefits and offer different sensations so the best choice depends on personal preference.

What is MTL vaping

Mouth-to-lung vaping is the most commonly used method for vaping. This is due to its similarities to traditional methods of smoking combustible cigarettes. the technique involves drawing vapour into your mouth, holding it there briefly before inhaling into your lungs.

Why do you need to use MTL vape juice?

Most vape liquid is suitable for mouth-to-lung vaping. However, high VG e-liquid will be too thick for high resistance coils to absorb and can lead to coil burning. Also, when using an MTL pod kit it will not provide enough flavour and throat hit when vaping at lower wattages.

Vape juice with either a balanced or high PG ratio is more suited to mouth to lung vaping. This is because the e-liquid is thinner and can be absorbed better by high resistance coils which are used with MTL devices. The higher concentration of propylene glycol also means the flavour and throat hit will be much stronger, ideal for MTL vaping as it uses lower wattages to produce minimal vapour.


PG and VG are the two main components of e-liquid. Propylene glycol (PG) is what provides the throat hit when vaping. It is also where the flavour comes from. This means the more PG the stronger the taste.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is a much thicker ingredient and is what creates the vapour. The higher the VG content means more vapour is produced. This also dilutes the level of PG in the vape liquid which reduces the flavour and throat hit. However, because this type of e-liquid is vaped at higher wattages it is better to have a weaker throat hit and flavour as a high PG vape juice can be unpleasant and too harsh to vape at high wattages.

What makes a good MTL vape Juice?

As previously mentioned, the PG content dictates the strength of the flavour and throat hit. As MTL vaping requires less vapour production it is important that the e-liquid in use has a high enough PG content to provide a quality throat hit and flavour when vaped at a lower wattage.

This is also a factor when deciding nicotine strength. A stronger e-liquid will be required to provide enough nicotine as MTL vapers use less e-liquid than DL. Therefore, they will need a more concentrated strength to meet their nicotine requirements.

Although a high PG e-liquid such as TECC Titan will provide a quality MTL vape, 50/50 vape juice is the most popular choice for most mouth to lung vapers. This is because a balanced 50:50 PG/VG ratio still provides enough propylene glycol for great flavour and throat hit, while offering more vapour production which many vapers value.

Nic salt e-liquid is also a popular choice with MTL vapers, especially new vapers. This is because it replicates the natural salts found in tobacco leaves. As a result, nic salt vapers receive a sharper nicotine hit than freebase e-liquid and a smoother draw. The experience closely resembles smoking making it great for new vapers or those who are still struggling to transition to vaping.

Top MTL E-liquid Picks

Here are some of our top picks for MTL vapers to try. This selection includes a range of different types of e-liquids that are great for mouth-to-lung vaping. If you are looking for a great value vape read the 10 Best Cheap E Liquid in the UK or if you want a sweet tast read the Best Dessert E-Liquids for 2021.

Riot Squad PUNX E-liquid

Riot Squad PUNX is a hybrid of freebase e-liquid and nic salt, offering the benefits of both. Experience a sharp nicotine hit with great vapour production available in a range of mixed fruit flavours. The Blackcurrant & Watermelon flavour provides an fusion of the two fruits to create a classic cordial taste with a unique tropical twist. Riot Squad PUNX 10ml is available for £3.99 or in our £4 for £10 vape juice multi buy deal, allowing you to mix and match with other popular e-liquids.

Just Juice 50/50

Just Juice 50/50 e-liquid offers a range of fruity flavours suitable for any MTL vaper looking for a sweet vape juice. The Lemonade flavour gives a refreshingly zesty taste available in 3 nicotine strengths. Just Juice 50/50 is just £4.49 or 3 for 10 in our e-liquid multi buy deal.

Vampire Vape E-liquid

Vampire Vape are one of the biggest e-liquid brands in the UK, producing some of the most popular flavours such as Heisenberg and Pinkman. This range features over 50 different flavours offering something for every preference. Vampire Vape 10ml e-liquid is available for £3.99 or in our e-liquid multi buy deal for 4 for £12.

Club Juice Nic Salt

Club Juice nic salt offers a range flavours from sweet fruits to earthy tobaccos for an affordable price. Costing just £2.49 this is great for vapers on a budget. Those struggling to make the switch from combustible cigarettes should try the Club Juice Tobacco nic salt. This nic salt provides an experience close to smoking by mimicking the natural salts found in tobacco while also replicating the flavour.

TECC Titan

TECC Titan e-liquid utilises over a decade of industry experience to create a vape juice that is perfect for MTL Vaping. Coming in a high PG ratio it offers a blast of flavour with a sharp throat hit. The range features a wide selection of flavours to suit more traditional tobacco and those with a sweet tooth. For an ice cold blast of menthol try Titan Ice Menthol, perfect for new vapers who use to smoke menthol cigarettes.

If you want to learn more read our guide About Vape Liquid.

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