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The Best Direct Lung E-Liquid

The Best Direct Lung E-liquids

The best e-liquid for DL vapers is high VG or 50/50 vape juice. Either type of e-liquid offers a great direct-lung vape but deliver different experiences. So, it all depends on personal preference. This guide will offer an insight into what makes a great DL e-liquid and offer some of our direct lung vape juice top picks.

What is DL vaping

Direct lung vaping is an alternative way of vaping than the more commonly used MTL method. This technique is where vapers will directly inhale vapour into their lungs, just like taking a big breath. DL vapers will use more powerful mod devices that feature sub-ohm tanks. These kits allow for more vapour to be produced making for a more satisfying draw. This technique also requires an open airflow to allow for more vapour to be inhaled.

RDL vapers are not as common but use the same technique with a slight difference. Rather than having an open airflow, RDL vapers prefer a more restricted airflow.

Why do you need to use DL vape juice?

When direct lung vaping, it is important to choose the right type of e-liquid as some can be too harsh and unpleasant to vape. An example being high PG vape juice which is catered toward MTL vapers.


PG and VG are the two core ingredients of e-liquid. Propylene glycol (PG) is a thin liquid that creates the flavour of the e-liquid. It is also what provides the throat hit when vaped. E-liquids that have a high level of PG are designed for MTL vaping and should be avoided if vaping at higher wattages. This is because the flavour and throat hit will be too strong for a sub-ohm device and will make the experience of DL vaping unpleasant.

Vegetable glycerine (VG) is what produces the vapour. it is a much thicker ingredient than PG so coils with a high resistance will struggle to wick e-liquid that contains more VG than PG. Fortunately, high VG vape juice is designed to be used for sub ohm vaping which uses coils designed to absorb thicker e-liquid.

While creating the vapour vegetable glycerine also lowers the strength of PG within the e-liquid resulting in a weaker flavour and throat hit. Although this sounds like a negative this is actually a positive. Direct lung vaping requires more vapour production at higher wattages. As a result, the flavour and throat hit from vape juice with more PG will be harsher. High VG e-liquid is designed to be used for DL vaping so the amount of PG still provides a quality flavour and throat hit.

For a great value DL vape read the 10 Best Cheap E Liquid in the UK.

What makes a good DL vape Juice?

A high VG e-liquid is the best choice for DL vaping. As previously mentioned, this is what creates the clouds of vapour while also diluting the flavour and throat hit strength. This makes sure the vape juice offers a smooth draw with lots of flavour that isn’t too harsh when vaping at higher wattages. Many DL vapours also fall under the bracket of cloud chasers so e-liquid with more VG will provide even bigger clouds of vapour.

Direct lung vaping uses more liquid than other methods, so regular vapers will require more than one 10ml bottle of e-liquid to last a full day of vaping. Short fill e-liquid is the popular choice for DL vaping as it offers high VG vape juice in a larger bottle. This allows vapers to carry around all the e-liquid they will need for the day in one bottle. Short fill e-liquid does come nicotine free so it will require a nic shot to be added.

Although high VG e-liquid is the best for producing thicker clouds of vapour, many DL vapers prefer a 50/50 e-liquid. This is because it provides a stronger throat hit and flavour than high VG e-liquid while still offering plenty of vapour. This e-liquid shouldn’t bee too harsh for direct-lung vaping unless you are using it at very high wattages. In this case a high VG e-liquid will offer a smoother vape with great flavour. 50:50 VG/PG vape juice is an ideal choice for RDL vapers.

Top DL E-liquid Picks

Here are our top pick e-liquids for direct lung vapers. this selection features high VG and 50/50 vape juice in both 10ml and shortfill. To learn more about DL liquid read our guide About Vape Liquid.

Firehouse Vape Frostbite Fruits Short Fill

Firehouse Vape Frostbite Fruits shortfill offers a range of fruity flavours all wrapped in icy menthol. One of the stand out flavours is Lemon ‘n’ Lime Fizz which offers a zesty mix of citrus and menthol like drinking your favourite soda. This shortfill comes in 100ml bottles providing plenty of e-liquid for multiple days of DL vaping at £19.99.

Double Drip E-liquid

Double Drip e-liquid features a selection of delicious flavours with a ‘Max VG’ ratio of 80/20 for even thicker clouds of vapour. for a classic sweet shop flavour try Double Drip Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles. This e-liquid comes in both 10ml and shortfill options, with the 10ml coming in a choice of 0.3% and 0.6% nicotine strengths. Double Drip 10ml e-liquid is available for just £3.50 each or 4 for £10 in our vape juice multi buy deal.

Dinner Lady Fruits Short Fill

Dinner Lady Fruits is a range of juicy shortfill e-liquids with a high VG content, great for DL vaping. Although the range is small each flavour offers complex layers of flavour that any fan of fruity vape juice will love. The Pink Wave flavour combines oranges, strawberries and coconut to create a sweet and tangy vape with a creamy finish. This shortfill comes in a 50ml bottle and is available for £11.99 each or 2 for £20 Vape juice multi buy deal. If you like sweet flavours check out the Best Dessert E-Liquids for 2021.

Nasty Juice Short Fill Cushman Series

The Nasty Juice Cushman Series takes the hugely successful ‘Cush Man’ flavour and offers a range of shortfill e-liquids. The original became popular due to its mouth-watering mango flavour paired with low mint. The Cushman Series takes this winning combination and adds an extra layer of flavour. One of these being Mango Strawberry which adds sweet layers of this summer fruit to the icy mango vape liquid. Each 50ml bottle is just £13.99 or 2 for £25 in our vape juice multi buy deal.

Nasty Juice Short Fill Tobacco Series

Another popular Nasty Juice short fill range that is suited towards DL vapers who prefer the taste of smoking is the Tobacco Series. This series features a small selection of three tobacco flavoured e-liquids. These are Gold Blend, Silver Blend and Bronze Blend. Each offer an earthy tobacco flavour with sweet, creamy and nutty notes. This range is also available in our 2 for £25 e-liquid multi buy deal, or for £13.99 per bottle.

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