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E-cig tanks and e-cigarettes

No matter which e-cigarette you choose, there will always be some form of tank included which holds the e-liquid required to provide an e-cig's vapour.

From simple starter e-cig tanks to the more powerful sub-ohm e-cigarette tanks, there are plenty of diverse vaping options available, each enabling a different vaping experience.

What is an e-cig tank?

An e-cig tank is the heart and soul of your e-cigarette, it is what creates the clouds of vapour and delivers nicotine to the vaper. E-cig tanks come in a wide range of styles and offer different levels of vaping to suit your personal preference. Housed within the tank is a ‘coil’, this is the heating element which vapourises e-liquid and allows e-cigarettes to function. Coils can produce more or less vapour depending on the type used or whether your e-cig allows the output setting to be changed.

What is a sub-ohm e-cig tank?

Sub-ohm refers to the electrical resistance of the coil located within the tank. When the resistance reads as 1.0ohm or less on your e-cigarette, this is classed as a sub-ohm coil. The benefits to using sub-ohm include increased vapour production and flavour, but they require a higher power setting to be used in order to achieve this, hence why sub-ohm tanks are known to produce a very warm vape.

In addition to producing more vapour, sub-ohm tanks deliver more nicotine to the vaper, meaning less inhalations are required to feel a ‘hit’ from your e-liquid. Most vapers opt to use a lower strength nicotine when using a sub-ohm tank, as it reduces the ‘throat hit’ and allows for a greater amount of inhalations.

Sub-ohm e-cig tanks are ideally paired with an e-cig mod or battery mod, in order to enjoy the full experience these units have to offer.

What is an RTA?

RTA’s or Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, offer a more advanced option to vapers looking to begin building their own coils. Instead of housing a disposable coil, RTA’s require you to install either a pre-made or ‘DIY’ coil into the tanks build deck. Cotton must then be cut to size and threaded through the coil prior to being placed inside the tank housing.

RTA’s produce a much more intense flavour and larger clouds of vapour when compared with traditional e-cig tanks, whilst retaining an easy to maintain structure. In addition, you need only replace the cotton rather than the actual coil (the coils will last at least a month or so before requiring a replacement), making RTA’s an incredibly economical option.

What is an RDA?

RDA’s or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, do not hold e-liquid like a conventional e-cig tank, instead you ‘drip’ e-liquid directly on to the coil to saturate the cotton prior to inhaling. RDA’s are aimed at vapers looking to move into the more advanced stage of vaping by building their own coils and using cotton to allow e-liquid to become atomized.

RDA’s can operate under high wattage, and arguably create the largest clouds of vapour of all e-cig tanks available. They are commonly used with mech mods or high powered e-cig mods in order to get the best experience.

E-cig Tanks at The Electronic Cigarette Company

The Electronic Cigarette Company stock some of the leading vaping brands from around the world, our e-cig tank section is full to the brim with the latest tank technology, not just from TECC, but the likes of Joyetech, Wismec, Eleaf, SMOK, Innokin & Aspire. You are bound to find an e-cig tank that is ideal for you here, no matter what your vaping style is.

If you want a simple, fill up and go e-cigarette tank, we have them here, but we also stock those capable of more power, with a range of various sub-ohm e-cig tanks to satisfy even the most advanced vapers.

We stock some of the best e-cig tanks on the vaping market that are easy to use and maintain, with supporting coils available to suit virtually every vaper's need.

Vape Liquids

We stock a large range of leading vape liquid brands which are well suited for use with our e-cig tanks. From fruity combinations to more traditional offerings like menthol and tobacco staples, we have an ideal flavour for you. Some leading vape liquid brands include Double DripElementNasty JuicePocket FuelRiot Squad and more.

We also produce a wide variety of own brand vape liquids, all manufactured here in the UK to the highest quality. Our own brands include TitanTitus, and Urban Chase. Choosing the ideal vape liquid for you can often seem daunting, but if you need any additional help, feel free to contact our customer service team for guidance. 

If you are not sure which e-cig tank to choose, give our friendly Customer Service team a call on 01254 269 380, or use the live chat option at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.