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Save Money With Electronic Cigarettes

Thinking about making the switch to Electronic Cigarettes? As well as the health benefits of switching, it’s also good for your wallet. See how much you could save when you switch with The Electronic Cigarette Company

An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit from TECC costs as little as £19.99.

Your e-cigarette starter kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started including a 10ml bottle of e-liquid.

10ml of E-liquid costs £4.99.

On average you will use 2ml of e-liquid a day. A 10ml bottle of e-liquid will last you 5 days.

Replacement Parts

For a fair comparison, we’ll add on a further £100 for replacement parts throughout the year

You could save

  • Results for 1 pack at £8.50 per pack
  • £2626.22 Per Year
  • By Switching with TECC
  • *E-cigarette costs based on using a higher e-liquid strength, not vaping more e-liquid

Cigarette Costs

  • Weekly Costs£59.50
  • Monthly Costs£258.54
  • Yearly Costs£3102.50

E-cigarette Costs *

  • Weekly Costs£9.21
  • Monthly Costs£39.93
  • Yearly Costs£479.27