New To Vaping?

The Electronic Cigarette Company, affectionately known as TECC by our customers, is one of the original vaping companies in the UK. Priding ourselves on offering the latest and greatest e-cig products at the best prices.

We draw on years of experience in the industry to help make the transition from smoking to vaping as seamless as possible. Our customer service team is on hand to offer the best advice regarding all things vaping, advising on the best e-cig and e-liquid combination to help you kick the habit for good.

You can wait for your TECC parcel with complete confidence that your vaping journey will start as soon as it lands on your mat. Our starter kits are designed for new vapers, with their ease of use and maintenance, they come complete with everything you need to start vaping.

Don’t take our word for it, take our customers' word.

  • Kim
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A great example of customer service

I bought 2 TECC arc E-cigs from this company along with liquids and replacement atomizers. So far everything has been fantastic. I was a little dubious at first with the amount of money I was going to spend, but the fact payment was via PayPal set me at ease.

The first e-cig I had I was unsure how to use and how to interpret some of the messages on the display so I emailed the customer service team for help. I was responded to within an hour with a friendly email which helped to solve my problem. Delivery was quick and everything arrived in immaculate condition. I will certainly keep this site at the top of my go-to list for e-cig accessories!!! Thank you TECC for a wonderful and simple shopping experience :)”

  • Richard
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Recommended by a friend

Excellent Service, ordered on Sunday night delivered on Tuesday, I would recommend this company to anyone.”

  • Alan
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Purchased: The Tecc Arc

This electronic cigarette is the best I have ever used (and I have used a few). Next day delivery, top marks to the team at TECC.”

3 steps to help you on your vaping journey

  • NTV One
  • E-cigarettes

  • Choosing the right e-cig is essential, but doesn’t have to be daunting. Yes, there is a lot of choice, but that’s the great thing about vaping, choice.

    You are not limited to one device, there is a perfect e-cig for every vaper. In our Starter Kits section you will find some of our most popular e-cigarettes for beginners and their key features, have a look and see which one jumps out at you.

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    Recommended Starter Kits
  • NTW Two
  • Accessories

  • Once you have chosen your e-cig, you need to pick your accessories. Keep in mind your atomizer head will need replacing once it has reached the end of its natural life, you need to decide where you are going to charge your e-cig and if you are going to need a spare battery.

    We have a wide range of batteries, atomizers and a whole host of other vaping accessories in our Accessories section.

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  • NTW Three
  • E-liquids

  • Choosing your e-liquid is one of the most enjoyable parts of owning an e-cig, there are hundreds of flavours to choose from in a wide range of strengths, everything from tobacco to exotic fruits.

    Use some trial and error and you will find your favourite flavour. Getting the correct strength is incredibly important,

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