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Lifespan of E-liquid

How Long Does E-liquid Last?

The lifespan of e-liquid is something many vapers are unsure about. Although an expiry date (or date of manufacture) is printed on the bottle, many vapers believe that e-liquid can last much longer. In other instances, e-liquid can start to degrade early and not perform as well even before the expiry date. In this guide we will go through the signs of vape juice going bad while offer solutions to prevent e-liquid from degrading before the expiration date.

How long does vape juice last?

E-liquid usually lasts between 1-2 years from when it was manufactured. This is a very broad window of time so vapers will also have to use other methods to determine whether their e-liquid has expired.

Although most e-liquid will not change its smell significantly, if it does smell unfamiliar or significantly different to how it is supposed to, then it is past its best.

Vape juice is made up of multiple ingredients, some denser than others. This means if they have been sat for too long the ingredients will start to separate, with the thicker liquids sitting at the bottom of the bottle. If this is clearly visible it is a sign the e-liquid is done. With most liquids a few shakes should mix everything back together, however with vape juice this isn’t the case.

Poor storage can also cause the e-liquid to degrade too early. To best way to store e-liquid is in a cool dark place, an ideal location would be a cupboard where it doesn’t get too warm.

Does vape juice go bad?

Over time vape juice will start to degrade. This can be accelerated if the e-liquid isn’t stored correctly. The best way to make sure vape juice lasts longer is by keeping it away from direct sunlight. Also making sure it isn’t exposed to high temperatures will prevent it going bad before the expiration date. Make sure that the vape juice bottle is stored with the lid securely fastened to prevent it from being exposed to oxygen for too long. Although not harmful to the e-liquid, exposure to oxygen will start to make the liquid turn brown.

How long does e liquid last once opened?

Once the bottle has been opened the main difference over time will be the e-liquid turning darker, as the nicotine is oxidised due to its exposure to oxygen. It matters more how the e-liquid is stored rather than if the bottle has been opened before.

Is it OK to vape expired juice?

The expiration date on e-liquid is a guide, meaning it does not go bad immediately after that date. As vape juice degrades over time it starts to lose its flavour and will either begin to taste different or taste of nothing. The nicotine will also not deliver the same hit as it used to. There is currently no evidence to suggest e-liquid is dangerous to vape after the expiry date, although we would still advise not to do so. See more information here.

Can you over steep vape juice?

Steeping is process when producing vape juice where the e-liquid is sat idle for a long period of time in order to mature the flavour. When left for too long it can over steep. This can either result in a weaker flavour, or the flavour can become too strong and become unpleasant to vape. Certain e-liquid flavours take longer to steep than others so it can be difficult to determine when it is ready. Fruity concentrates usually reach their optimum flavour after 1 or 2 days whereas a Tobacco or dessert flavour can take over 2 weeks.

Is it bad if vape juice turns brown?

As previously mentioned, e-liquid turns brown when the nicotine inside oxidises. This reaction happens when nicotine is exposed to oxygen and is an indicator whether an e-liquid has been steeping. The darker the e-liquid is usually indicates how long it has been steeping for. As some concentrates take longer than others before they are at their maximum flavour, it is difficult to use the colour to indicate whether it has gone bad. Some e-liquid can turn brown and have a strong flavour whereas others may have lost their taste.

Hopefully this guide provided some helpful information about how long vape juice lasts. If you want to find out more about e-liquid or have any unanswered questions check out our E-liquid FAQs or contact our friendly customer service team using the live chat function located at the bottom right corner of the screen who will be happy to help.

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