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Short Fill Vape Liquids from The Electronic Cigarette Company

We supply short fill e-liquids from some of the best brands around including Steep Lyfe, Riot Squad, Dinner Lady, Nasty Juice and Element. Available in 50ml to 150ml bottles, short fill e-liquids are ideal for vapers who want the convenience of carrying more of their favourite e-liquid without the need for multiple bottles.

Just like the 10ml options, short fill e-liquids are available in many different flavours, from tobacco and menthol, to fruit and dessert options to cater to virtually any vaper. Browse our selection of short fill e-liquids and find your next all day vape.

What Is Short Fill Vape Liquid?

Short fill vape liquid is supplied in larger bottles usually between 50-150ml. There is no nicotine contained within these bottles, however there is space inside to add a nicotine shot, commonly referred to as a ‘nic shot’. Nic shots allow vapers to add nicotine to any short fill to a desired strength, making this type of e-liquid ideal for those who would prefer to make a custom strength e-liquid.

Why Choose Short Fill Vape Liquid? 

Short fills are also a cost-effective way to vape, offering great value for money when compared to regular 10ml e-liquids thanks in part to the lack of nicotine contained within. Many popular brands now have their own short fill ranges, which have the same great flavours vapers are used to in a more cost-effective package.

For those who use more than 10ml of liquid per day, short fill is a great way to make sure you never run out whilst on the go thanks to the larger bottles available; no more need to carry around multiple 10ml bottles!

What Is The Best Short Fill Vape Liquid?

We supply a wide range of short fill vape liquids to suit a variety of vapers. Whilst there will be a flavour and brand suitable for anyone, some of our top short fill picks can be found below:

Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady short fill vape liquid is ideal for vapers who have a sweet tooth. With a range of different dessert and sweet fruit flavours available, this high-quality e-liquid is great to vape all day. Choose from the original range, or for something fruitier, check out the Dinner Lady Fruits range.

Popular flavours from both ranges include Berry Blast, a fruity raspberry and blueberry, Purple Rain, a delightful mix of blackberry, blueberry, orange and raspberry, Berry Tart, sweet pastry smothered in juicy berries, and Orange Tart, a fusion of refreshing orange with a dessert pastry.

Double Drip

Double Drip short fill vape liquid has been created to provide vapers with large clouds of vapour, particularly if used with high powered sub ohm tanks. Ideal for vapers who like sweet fruits and ice creams, Double Drip remains a popular all day vape choice.

Some stand out flavours include: Crystal Mist, a fruity mix of cherry and raspberry, finished with a cool menthol, Lemon Lime Tangerine Ice, zesty lemon and sweet tangerine with an icy menthol, Mango Raspberry Ice Cream, smooth vanilla ice cream blended with tropical mango and tart raspberry, and Sun Drip, a refreshing combination of tart grapefruit, apricots and tangerines.

Pocket Fuel

Pocket Fuel short fill vape liquid offers a tasty range of drinks and fruit flavours which are suitable for all day vaping. With a higher VG content providing increased cloud production, Pocket Fuel is ideal for sub-ohm e-cigs.

Available in 4 great tasting flavours including Blackberry Grape Spritz, with juicy grapes and blackberries, and Menthol Mist, an intense peppermint and menthol combination.

Riot Squad

Riot Squad are one of the most popular vape liquid brands at the moment, with a host of flavours available to suit virtually any vaper. If great tasting fruit flavours are preferred, then check out the original range, or for something more adventurous, try Riot Squad Punk Grenade with its unique fruit fusions.

Some of our favourite flavours from both ranges are Grapple and Slapcurrant, a crisp apple and blackcurrant, Pink Grenade, Riot Squad’s legendary pink lemonade with strawberries and tangy lemon, Bubblegum Grenade, sweetshop style bubblegum with fruit and lemonade, and Raspberry Grenade, a tart raspberry lemonade.

Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape short fill is available in all the flavours vapers have come to know and love over the years. This popular vape liquid brand offers a selection of drink and cocktail flavours with the Shortz range, with more traditional favourites to be found in its KonceptXIX offering.

Trying Vampire Vape for the first time? Take a look at Cool Blue Slush, an ice-cold mix of blueberries and raspberries, Highland Soda, a delicious take on Scotland’s iconic fizzy drink, Heisenberg, a refreshing blend of mixed fruit, menthol and aniseed, and Pinkman, a fusion of mixed fruit with hints of citrus.

Short Fill Vape Liquid Ranges At The Electronic Cigarette Company

We proudly offer what we believe to be the best of the best selection of short fill e-liquids. From the popular Riot Squad range, which combine punchy fruit flavours and menthol, Dinner Lady with their mix of classic dessert options to Vampire Vape, who offer a wide variety of unique flavours including Heisenberg and Blood Sukka.

We also stock a selection of nic shots to use with short fill e-liquids, including nic salt shots, which enable you to transform an existing short fill into a nic salt e-liquid, ideal for use with vape pods and other MTL e-cigs.

If you still have questions regarding our selection of short fill e-liquids, why not contact our friendly Customer Service team using the live chat option at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, or alternatively you can give us a call on 01254 269380

Also don’t forget, the more you buy, the more you save! To take advantage of tiered pricing, select your first flavour and strength, add to basket then continue shopping to add more bottles of different flavours. Once finished, the price will automatically recalculate based on the quantities added. Prices are per range, with up to 20% reduction when purchasing 20+ bottles.