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E-liquid design & innovation: Evolution from nicotine to nicotine salts

Since the beginning of e-liquid production in the UK, manufacturers have used free base nicotine as a standard ingredient for e-liquid. After all, pharmaceutical grade nicotine was already manufactured for a variety of applications and therefore easy to source for this new type of nicotine containing product (e-liquid). Indeed, many vapers continue to be completely satisfied by the vaping experience provided by free base nicotine containing e-liquid products, however those looking for a different vaping experience are beginning to discover nicotine salt e-liquids.

What are “nicotine salts” and why might some vapers prefer them?

The primary form of nicotine found in the tobacco leaf is in the salt form. To bridge the gap between the smoking and vaping experience, research has focused on the way nicotine is released and the pH of the nicotine. pH is the scale used in chemistry to express acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Nicotine salts exist as ions, and this has a significant effect on the physical properties of nicotine salts compared to free base nicotine. Free base nicotine has a higher pH of 8.0, which might make e-liquid harsh to vape for higher strength nicotine users.

So why do some vapers prefer nicotine salts? The organic salt acids present in nicotine salts lower the pH level to a more neutral value in exhaled vapour, which can result in a smoother throat hit and more satisfying nicotine absorption. This enhanced vaping experience provided by nicotine salts might better satisfy new vapers making the difficult transition from smoking. The smoother throat hit has also proved appealing to existing vapers.

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