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Blueberry Flavour Vape Liquids

Blueberry vape liquid is a great choice for vapers looking to try something that has a burst of summer with it. We supply a great selection of blueberry e-liquid from some of the best brands available like Double Drip, Vampire Vape, Riot Squad and more. Our full range of blueberry vape juice is available in 10ml, nic salts and shortfill, providing vapers with the freedom to choose what best fits their vaping style. Read more about blueberry flavoured e-liquid.

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  1. Club Juice Nic Salt E-liquid
    • A tasty range of flavours
  2. Club Juice Nic Salt E-liquid - Mixed Berry
    • 10ml Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry
  3. Club Juice Nic Salt E-liquid - Berry Menthol
    • 10ml Blueberry, Menthol, Raspberry
  4. Frukt Cyder Salts E-liquid

    4 for £10

    Frukt Cyder Salts E-liquid
    • Fruit cider, without the hangover
  5. Frukt Cyder Salts E-liquid - Mixed Berries

    4 for £10

    Frukt Cyder Salts E-liquid - Mixed Berries
    • 10ml Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry
  6. Riot S:ALT E-liquid

    4 for £10

    Riot S:ALT E-liquid
    • LIVE : LIFE : ALT
  7. KonceptXIX Short Fill E-liquid

    2 for £20

    Koncept Short Fill E-liquid
    • A tasty range of 50ml flavours
  8. Pocket Fuel Short Fill E-liquid
    • 50ml short fill for cloud chasers
  9. Nasty Juice Short Fill E-liquid

    2 for £25

    Nasty Juice Short Fill E-liquid
    • A range of intense 50ml fruit flavours
  10. Just Juice Short Fill E-liquid

    2 for £25

    Just Juice Short Fill E-liquid
    • A 50ml short fill range full of flavour
  11. Element E-liquid

    4 for £10

    Element E-liquid
    • Premium USA manufactured e-liquids
  12. Element E-liquid - Blueberry

    4 for £10

    Element E-liquid - Blueberry
    • 10ml Blueberry

87 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

What Are The Different Types Of Blueberry E Liquids?

When choosing a blueberry e-liquid flavour it is important to identify the type of juice that works best with the device and vaping style, whether that’s a mouth-to-lung or sub-ohm vaper. Here are the different blueberry e-liquids available.

Blueberry Shortfills

Blueberry shortfill vape juice is the go-to for cloud chasers. Created with a high VG content this vape liquid is designed to produce the thickest and biggest clouds of vapour. As this is much thicker than standard 50/50 e-liquid, it works best with lower resistance coils at high wattages to absorb more vape juice and produce more vapour.

Blueberry Nic Salts

Blueberry nic salts are designed for vapers who aren’t getting a strong enough nicotine hit from freebase e-liquid or they find stronger vape juice too harsh. Nic salts mimic the natural salts found in tobacco to provide a sensation as close as possible to combustible cigarettes. This makes it a great choice for new vapers struggling to transition from smoking.

Blueberry High VG

Like with shortfill, high VG blueberry e-liquid is designed for sub-ohm vaping. when used with more powerful vape kits it provides large clouds of vapour with a smooth throat hit and quality flavour that isn’t too overwhelming. MTL vapers often stick with a more balanced e-liquid to get the best out of the vape juice.

Blueberry 10mls

10ml blueberry e-liquid is the most popular choice for the large majority vapers. Mainly coming in a 50:50 PG/VG ratio, it is suitable for both sub ohm and MTL vaping. 10ml e-liquid is simple to use with no need to add nicotine, just insert the liquid into the tank and vape. The bottles are also small and compact for easy on-the-go vaping.

What Are The Best Blueberry E Liquid Brands?

Here are just some of the blueberry e-liquid flavours available from the top brands including Mob Saltz, Just Juice, plus more!

Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice is one of the leading e-liquid brands offering a large range of flavours in 50/50, shortfill and nic salt options. Browski Berry shortfill offers a medley of rich cherries, blueberries and raspberries wrapped in aniseed for an extra kick.

Another blueberry flavour in this range is Stargazing shortfill. This flavour provides ripe blueberries surrounded by mint for a chilly throat hit. Stargazing nic salt is also offering the same great flavour with an experience closer to smoking. Plus, both shortfills are available in our e-liquid multi-buy deal for just 2 for £25.

Ohm Brew

Ohm Brew offers a range of e-liquid flavours from earthy coffees to sweet candy in both short fill and nic salt options to suit cloud chasers and MTL vapers. Blue Slush shortfill provides a luscious taste of blueberry and raspberry wrapped in a chilly menthol for an ice-cold finish. For vapers using high resistance pod devices Blue Slush nic salt is also available to cater to MTL vapers. Ohm Brew Blueberry Bubblegum is available in shortfill and nic salt options offering the sweet and sugary taste of the classic candy.

Mob Saltz

Mob Saltz vape liquid range includes a selection of popular flavours with a nic salt twist. The Carlo Cambino flavour gives a juicy taste of blueberries mixed with minty peppermint for a sweet and refreshing flavour. this vape juice also provides a smoother nicotine delivery compared to freebase e-liquid and works best with vape pods and coils that use higher resistance coils.

Just Juice

Just Juice 50/50 e-liquid offers a range of fruity flavours in a balanced 50:50 PG/VG ratio to provide the perfect amount of vapour and flavour. Just Juice Fusion Edition vape juice is designed to be the ultimate summer e-liquid that vapers can enjoy all year round. Packed full of juicy blueberries and other summer fruits topped with a zesty lemonade for a refreshingly sweet flavour. Fusion Edition nic salt is also available for vapers who prefer a sensation that mimic smoking but with a sweet flavour.

Just Juice 50/50 Berry Burst is another blend of summer fruit. A mix of blueberries, blackberries and sweet strawberries form a juicy explosion of flavour. As well as being in the 50/50 range this flavour is also available as a nic salt for transitioning smokers but also as a short fill for cloud chasers.

Riot Squad

Riot Squad PUNX Strawberry, Raspberry & Blueberry offers a delicious blend of summer berries for a refreshingly juicy flavour. Available in both 10ml and shortfill this e-liquid is suitable for a wide range of vapers. Riot Squad PUNX 10ml e-liquid is a hybrid of nic salt and freebase e-liquid to provide all the benefits of nic salt such as a smoother throat hit from stronger e-liquid while still producing great clouds of vapour. Riot Squad PUNX Short Fill offers the same great flavour as the 10ml version but with a high VG content for thicker and larger clouds, perfect for cloud chasing. It also comes in a larger bottle so vapers who go through a lot of e-liquid won’t need to worry about running out of juice.

What Strength Blueberry Vape Do I Need?

Finding the right strength blueberry e-liquid depends on the type of smoker you are. Heavy smokers who use 20+ cigarettes a day will need a higher strength nicotine such as a 1.8% or a 2.0%. less frequent smokers should be fine a 0.3% or 0.6%, however if you need multiple 10ml bottles in these strengths a day to get enough nicotine they are too weak. Switch to a 1.0% or higher to get better value from your vape juice. If the throat hit is too harsh from stronger e-liquids, try using nic salts as these will provide a quick nicotine hit with a Smooth throat hit even at higher strengths.


The Electronic Cigarette Company has selected some of the best Blueberry e-liquids available to make your decision much easier. Whether you are looking for a sweet and sugary candy flavour or you prefer a closer taste to fresh fruit, we are confident you will find your next all day vape.

If blueberry vape liquid is not for you, why not try our Raspberry or Mixed Fruits e-liquid flavours!

Blueberry e-liquids from £2.50 per bottle in our vape juice multi-buy deals, choose from Mob Saltz, Ohm Brew, and more.

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