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KonceptXIX Short Fill E-liquid - Heisenberg

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Heisenberg KonceptXIX Short Fill E-liquid from TECC is an iconic e-liquid combining mixed fruit, menthol and aniseed; a true vaping classic. Mixed to a recipe which continues to be a cloesly guarded secret, Heisenberg is a truly unique flavour that is loved by vapers worldwide. 

KonceptXIX short fill offers vapers a wide variety of punchy flavours manufactured in the UK by Vampire Vape, with a 20:80 PG/VG ratio, making it ideal for use with sub-ohm tanks to produce large clouds of vapour.

KonceptXIX by Vampire Vape is supplied in 50ml, with an additional 10ml space within the bottle to add a nic shot of your choosing.

Flavour Profile - Fruit, Menthol, Aniseed
PG / VG Ratio
- 20 / 80
Nicotine Strength - 0.0%
Made in the UK

Nic Shots At The Electronic Cigarette Company

Nic shots can be added to any short fill e-liquid in order to vape with nicotine.
1 x 10ml nic shot added to a 50ml short fill will translate roughly to 0.3% (3mg) strength.
If using a 100ml short fill bottle, adding 2 x nic shots will create the same 0.3% (3mg) strength.
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The product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers