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Vampire Vape E-liquid

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About Vampire Vape E-liquid

Vampire Vape established itself in 2012 with only 12 e-liquid flavours and has quickly grown into a multi award winning vape liquid manufacturer. The Electronic Cigarette Company stock a range of their best-selling e-liquids, which are loved by vapers all over the UK.

Vampire Vape 10ml

By listening to customer feedback and only using the highest quality ingredients, Vampire Vape have managed to create a comprehensive 10ml e-liquid range that can cater to a wide range of vapers. Some of the most popular flavours created include Pinkman, A juicy combination of mixed tropical fruits mixed to a secret recipe, Heisenberg, an internationally renowned flavour that blends mixed fruit and hints of aniseed with cooling menthol, and Bat Juice, a spiced e-liquid combining liquorice, aniseed and mixed berries.

Vampire Vape are always trying to perfect their e-liquid range, with new additions only added once the ideal flavour balance has been discovered.

Vampire Vape Nic Salts

Vampire Vape nic salts has taken all your favourite flavours and given them a nic salt makeover. Nic salt vape liquid is great for use with vape pods and pen style kits, and can closely mimic the sensation of smoking by emulating the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf. This delicious set of e-liquids contain the award-winning Heisenberg and Pinkman flavours, including other firm favourites such as Blood Sukka, Vamp Toes, Black Jack and more.

Vampire Vape nic salt vape liquid is available in 10 flavours and 2 nicotine strengths.

Vampire Vape Short Fill

Shortz, is a range of short fill which focuses on providing vapers with a new flavour experiences. Available in 6 fruity flavours such as Cool Blue Slush, a frozen fusion of blueberry and raspberry with ice, Sourade, a tart lemon and citrus soda flavour, and Strawbizzle, a delicious mix of juicy strawberries with a sour sherbet, there is bound to be a new all day vape to be found within this tasty range.

Shortz is a nicotine free e-liquid, and can be used with nic shots in order to boost the nicotine content. We supply a range of nic shots which can be used with Vampire Vape short fill e-liquids, helping vapers customise the vaping experience to suit personal preference.

KonceptXIX Short Fill

Vampire Vape are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring the best flavours to customers. In doing so, the exclusive KonceptXIX short fill range was born. With a high VG content, KonceptXIX is ideal for use with sub ohm devices and has been formulated to fit the palate of virtually any vaper thanks to the range of fresh and sweet flavours.

KonceptXIX is available in 6 flavours and features both new and popular existing flavours such as Heisenberg, the award-winning fruit menthol combination, Blood Sukka, ripe red cherries, mixed berries with a menthol kick, and Tika Taka, an intensely fizzy yet cool orange soda flavour that is bound to have you coming back for more!

Our range of nic shots can be used with Vampire Vape KonceptXIX short fills, allowing vapers to boost the nicotine content to personal preference.

Vampire Vape e-liquids from The Electronic Cigarette Company are available in 4 nicotine strengths in a 10ml range of menthol and fruity flavours. A selection of nicotine free short fill is also available with the Shortz and KonceptXIX range, offering vapers a comprehensive choice.