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The Sweet Stuff

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

About The Sweet Stuff E-liquid

The Sweet Stuff is focused on providing vapers with a comprehensive range of e-liquids based around fresh and fruity flavours. Originating in the north of England, The Sweet Stuff is packed full of nostalgic themes that are ideal to vape all day.

The Sweet Stuff Short Fill

Short fill e-liquids allow vapers to carry a single larger bottle of their favourite flavours without the need to take out multiple 10ml bottles. The Sweet Stuff short fill is available in 50ml, with an additional 10ml space to add a nic shot of your choosing.

Flavours include Apple Lime, a crisp apple and tangy lime, Bubblegum Candy, a sweet shop style flavour with fruit bubblegum and candy, Orange Pineapple and Guava, an exotic blend of orange, pineapple and juicy guava, and Strawberry Laces, a classic sweet shop treat of chewy strawberry candy with a hint of sherbet.