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SQZD Fruit Co

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

About SQZD Fruit Co E-liquid

SQZD Fruit Co vape liquid focuses on a range of fruit inspired creations. With a good selection of tasty, wholesome flavours, crafted by highly experienced mixologists, SQZD can be vaped all day long, without being too overpowering.

Our selection of SQZD Salts e-liquid is created using Element’s popular NS20 nic salt base, providing a smooth vape experience with every bottle.

SQZD Salts

An eruption of flavour in every bottle, SQZD Salts is great for use in vape pods and various other e-cig kits. Using Element NS20 designer salts, SQZD focuses on freshly squeezed fruit flavours that stand out from the crowd with options like Blood Orange and Grape Pineapple.

Nic salts deliver nicotine in a more controlled way, which helps mimic the sensation of smoking. Higher strengths can be used without feeling too harsh on the throat, unlike some regular vape liquids.

SQZD Salts Flavours: Apple Blackcurrant, a delightfully simple blend of juicy apple and slightly tart blackcurrant, Blood Orange, a sweet blood orange with a little raspberry hint, Blue Raspberry, a combination of ripe raspberry and blueberry, Grape Pineapple, red grapes fused with tropical pineapple, Mango Lime, a mix of exotic mango with tangy lime, Strawberry Raspberry, two classic berries mixed to create the ultimate vape, Tropical Punch, a refreshing concoction of mixed fruits with pineapple and citrus, and Watermelon Kiwi, a unique and juicy blend of watermelon and kiwi.