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Red Liquids

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About Red Liquids

Red Liquids has been going since 2018 and is on a mission to help smokers on their vaping journey. Making use of the iconic British red telephone box for its branding, Red Liquids supply a range of e-liquids catering for both new and existing vapers, there is something for everyone, including a nic salt offering which is ideal for use with vape pods or other MTL e-cigs.

Red Liquids Classic 40/60 / Red Label

With a 60/40 PG:VG ratio, this 10ml range of e-liquid is great for vapers who prefer to have a more pronounced ‘throat hit’ from their e-liquid. Well suited for use in vape pods and MTL e-cigs, Red Liquids Red Label is available in 10 flavours and 3 nicotine strengths.

Flavours available: Apple (sweet juicy apple), Black Cherry (dark, ripe cherries), Gold & Silver (an evenly balanced tobacco), Ice Mint (an ice cold minty menthol), Ice Tobacco (cool menthol and rich tobacco), Mango and Passionfruit (exotic medley of mango and passion fruit), Mixed Berry (a fusion of British summertime berries), Pear Drops (a sweetshop classic), Raspberry and Lychee (deliciously tart raspberry and juicy lychee), Virginia Tobacco (a classic tobacco).

Red Liquids Classics 50/50 / Black Label

Taking an evenly balanced approach, Red Liquids Black Label is ideal for all day vaping in a variety of different e-cig devices. The 50/50 PG:VG ratio will provide a good combination of vapour and throat hit, and is available in 10 flavours with 3 nicotine strengths.

Flavours available: Blackcurrant (Ripe and juicy blackcurrant), Double Menthol (an intense double menthol), Menthol (a minty cool menthol), RY6 (a rich, golden tobacco), Strawberry (an ideal flavour to vape all day), Strawberry and Kiwi (juicy strawberry and tangy kiwi), The Pink One (a host of citrus flavours), The Red One (punchy aniseed with grape and mixed berries), Tobacco Silver (a smooth tobacco), Tutti Frutti (sweet candy and fruit).

Red Liquids Salt

Nic salts are great for those who want a vaping experience which aims to closely mimic the sensation of smoking. Red Liquids Salt has been designed for use with a wide range of e-cigs, but is perhaps best suited for use with vape pods and other MTL devices to achieve the best experience. Available in 6 flavours at 20mg strength.

Flavours available: Blackcurrant Lemonade (sweet blackcurrants in zesty lemonade), Menthol (a tasty menthol packed with intense mint), Mixed Berry (a collection of summery mixed berries), The Blue One (a refreshing combination of mixed berries and menthol), The Red One (aniseed with sweet fruit create this distinct flavour), Tobacco Silver (an earthy yet smooth tobacco).

The Electronic Cigarette Company supplies a wide selection of the best Red Liquids flavours to choose from, available in 10ml with 3 low nicotine strengths and 10ml nic salts in 20mg high nicotine strength, providing the ultimate freedom to choose what’s best for you.