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Nasty Juice

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21-40 of 40

About Nasty Juice E-liquid

Nasty Juice began in 2015 with a simple mission: create a range of high quality flavours that pack a punch. Based in Malaysia, Nasty Juice has become popular all over the world thanks to catchy marketing campaigns, backed by an e-liquid selection that exceeds many vapers expectations.

With multiple expo awards to their name, Nasty Juice continues to provide vapers with a wide range of flavours, focusing on fruit and menthol combinations that resonate with fans both new and old.

10ml 50/50 E-liquid Range

With a range of options avaialable, the 10ml Nasty Juice 50/50 range is ideal for use with virtually any e-cigarette, including vape pods and starter kits. The 50/50 PG:VG ratio means this e-liquid selection produces a more balanced amount of vapour and flavour, without having to make compromises.

We stock a full complement of flavours including Cush Man, a delightfully tropical mango and low mint, Grape, a tasty blend of black grapes, juicy berries and subtle mint, Green Ape, a crisp combination of apples and cooling mint, and Devil Teeth, a refreshingly good mix of watermelon and tasty mint. No matter your vaping preference, there is bound to be a flavour to suit you within this range.

10ml Nic Salts

The 10ml Nasty Salts provide a different vaping experience. Ideal for use with vape pods and starter kits, nic salts are extracted from the naturally occuring salts found within tobacco leaves, which results in a smoother, more controlled nicotine delivery, even at high strengths. Nic salts are great for those who want a more direct nicotine hit that can last longer in-between vaping.

With flavours like Bronze Blend, a rich yet smooth tobacco with sweet caramel, Hippie Trail, a zesty blend of tart lemon and juicy lime, and Slow Blow, a cooling mix of lime, pineapple and mint, there is an option to suit any vaper in this collection.

Nasty Juice Short Fill

The Electronic Cigarette Company supply a range of nicotine free short fill Nasty Juice e-liquids, housed within larger bottles to allow vapers to carry around more of their favourite flavour. An additional 10ml space is included to add a nic shot of choice, increasing the nicotine content as needed. 

Nasty Juice short fill contains an array of flavours to suit many different vapers, including Cush Man, a tropical infusion of mango and low mint, Bad Blood, an intense combination of juicy blackcurrants and a cooling mint flavour throughout and Fat Boy, a zesty citrus flavour surrounded by sweet mango, lime and refreshing mint.