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Monster Vape Labs

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

About Monster Vape Labs

Monster Vape Labs have gained prominence in the USA thanks to their eye-catching, tasty flavours. A specially constructed state-of-the-art laboratory has been designed to cater for all e-liquid production, which helps the Monster range of e-liquids focus solely on providing exceptional quality and great tasting flavours.

We’ve teamed up with Monster Vape Labs to become an official UK distributor, allowing vapers to get their hands on this comprehensive selection of short fill e-liquids without the need to import from the USA. Find out more about the available ranges below and get your hands on a new favourite!

All Monster Vape Lab short fill comes with 100ml of e-liquid, plus some extra space for a couple of nic shots in order to increase the nicotine content to suit personal preference.

Jam Monster

Jam Monster has become well known to many vapers thanks to the headline Strawberry Jam flavour. Each flavour in this range aims to simulate jam on toast, and it does so remarkably well. Accurately recreating sweet fruit preserves with buttery toast, this range of e-liquid is ideal for literally any vaper who loves a bit of jam on toast.

Flavours Available: Apple (apple jam, butter and toast), Blueberry (blueberry jam, butter and toast), Grape (grape jam, butter and toast), Strawberry (strawberry jam, butter and toast).

Limited Edition Flavours: Blackberry (blackberry jam, butter and toast), Raspberry (raspberry jam, butter and toast), 

PB & Jam Monster

If you’ve ever had a ‘PB & Jelly’ sandwich in the USA or made yourself one here in the UK, then you know exactly what’s in store for you with this! Focusing on recreating this iconic American classic, the PB & Jam Monster short fill range is a mix of smooth and creamy peanut butter with sweet fruity jam; what’s not to love?

Flavours Available: Grape (sweet grape with smooth and creamy peanut butter), Strawberry (juicy strawberries with smooth and creamy peanut butter).

Fruit Monster

If jam on toast or PBJ sandwiches aren’t for you, then perhaps the Fruit Monster range of short fill e-liquid will fit the bill. With a selection of delicious, mouth-watering options available, Fruit Monster aims to bottle up a piece of summer for vapers to enjoy all year long. Whether you like combinations involving strawberry, blueberry or mango, there is bound to be a flavour with your name on it!

Flavours available: Blueberry Raspberry Lemon (a medley of crisp, sweet, and tart fruits), Mango Peach Guava (a tropical blend of juicy and exotic fruits), Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate (featuring ripe and tangy fruits).

Ice Monster

If menthol flavours are your thing then Ice Monster short fill has been made with you in mind. Coming in a variety of tasty flavour combinations, this range of e-liquid is ideal for vapers who want an icy cool kick to go with their fruit.

Flavours available: Mangerine Guava (tropical mango, tangerine and exotic guava with an ice cold menthol kick), Melon Colada (refreshing melon, juicy pineapple and creamy coconut with icy menthol), Strawmelon Apple (ripe strawberry, refreshing watermelon and crisp apple with cold menthol).

The Custard Shoppe

Ever wandered past a bakery and looked at some of the delicious custard pies on offer? Well The Custard Shoppe aims to take your taste buds to one of those bakeries with its selection of custard pie flavours. Based on the tasty flavour of a London custard pie, this range is great for anyone who has a sweet tooth for those dessert  flavours.

Flavours available: Blackberry (sweet blackberry custard with a buttery pie crust), Raspberry (sweet raspberry custard with a buttery pie crust).

The Electronic Cigarette Company is an official UK distributor for all Monster Vape Labs e-liquid. With a wide range of flavours available in 100ml nicotine free short fill options, providing the ultimate freedom to choose what’s best for you.