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Element E-liquid

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About Element E-liquid

Element e-liquids hail from the shores of the USA. Valuing integrity and purity in their e-juice, Element aims to provide a wide range of unique blends and tasty basics to ensure every vaper is catered for. Their delicious pre-mixed 50/50 e-liquid, Nic Salt Shots and Short Fill ideas have kept vapers coming back for more.

Element E-liquid

Ideal for use in virtually all e-cigarette kits and tanks thanks to the 50:50 VG/PG, Element 10ml e-liquids are packed with flavour, and is well known for the attention to every flavour among vapers worldwide. 

If sweet and tasty fruit flavours are preferred then there is plenty to choose from in this range, including Tangerine, a zesty blend of tangerines, oranges and clemtines, Green Apple, A crisp and juicy green apple flavour and Pink Lemonade, a delicious combination of red fruit and tangy lemonade. There is also a rich and heady tobacco flavour and menthol infused options such as Watermelon Chill, which would be well suited to vapers after something a little different.

Element Ns10 & Ns20

Element are always looking for new ways to enhance the vaping experience, which resulted in the creation of the Ns10 & Ns20 nic salt range of e-liquids. Nic salts are particulalry smooth in comparison to regular nicotine bases, making these e-liquids well suited to vape pods and starter kits

A host of fruity flavours are available such as Grape Vape, a rich yet juicy grape and berry mixture, Pink Grapefruit & Blueberry, a delightfully tart pink grapefruit blended with sweet blueberries and Fresh Squeeze, perhaps the closest recreation to a freshly squeezed orange you will ever vape!

For the more traditional vapers, there is also Honey Roasted Tobacco, a smooth sweetened tobacco with honey, caramel and sweet vanilla, 555 Tobacco, a rich and earthy tobacco with just a hint of caramel, vanilla, hazelnuts and walnuts, and Frost, a hard hitting ice menthol complemented by a sweet mint; ideal for menthol vapers.

Element Short Fill

Primarily made with RDA's (drippers) in mind, the Element Dripper Series is a selection of tasty flavours, all with a high VG content to help produce large clouds of vapour. This e-liquid can be used in conjunction with nic shots in order to increase the nicotine content to suit personal preference. Short fill is a great alternative to 10ml e-liquid and is available in 50ml bottles with an additional 10ml space to add a nic shot of your choice.

Element Dripper Series is available in a host of flavours to suit virtually any vaper, including Tobacco, an earthy traditional blend which cloesly mimics the sensation of smoking, Frost, a chillingly cold menthol and mint experience and Kiwi Redberry, a mix of red berries and juicy kiwi blended together to create a mouthwatering e-liquid.

Short fill is a great alternative to 10ml e-liquid. Available in 50ml bottles with an additional 10ml space to add a nic shot of choice, this type of e-liquid would be ideal for vapers who want to carry more of their favourite flavours with them.