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Dinner Lady

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

About Dinner Lady

Vape Dinner Lady e-liquid has enjoyed huge popularity with both new and seasoned vapers. Having won best stand at the 2016 Vaper Expo here in the UK, these ladies serve up more than just your vaping dinner. Focusing on providing high quality e-liquid using only premium ingredients, it’s clear to see why Dinner Lady e-juice is so popular.

Dinner Lady Short Fill

Want more variety and choice? We stock a wide range of Dinner Lady short fill, which features some classic British dessert flavours as well as fruity variations that are ideal to vape every day.

If dessert flavours are your thing, then the 50ml Dinner Lady short fill is for you. With flavours such as Berry Tart, A delicious buttery pastry filled with sweet berries, Strawberry Custard, a creamy custard with smooth strawberries, and Blackberry Crumble, a crumbly golden crust surrounded with juicy blackcurrants, there is sure to be a dessert flavour that suits you in this range.

If a more fruity option is preferred, then the Dinner Lady Fruits short fill could be just what you need. With a selection of outstanding flavours such as Berry Blast, a summery blend of sweet raspberries and blueberry, Pink Wave, a juicy mix of orange, sweet strawberry and creamy coconut, and Purple Rain, an eclectic combination of blackberry, blueberry, orange and raspberry, the Fruits range is sure to become an all day vape for some.