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Wismec Vapes, Coils and Tanks

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4 Item(s)

Why Choose Wismec?

Wismec is a company that prides itself in producing some of the most innovative products in the e-cigarette industry. Superior in design and function, Wismec vaping products offer the ultimate e-cig experience to vapers across the Globe.

At the forefront of electronic cigarette research and innovation, Wismec offer cutting edge vaping technologies including historic collaborations with well-known names in the vaping industry such as JayBo. With unmatched manufacturing facilities, all Wismec products are designed in California, USA and skilfully manufactured in China.

Some of Wismec’s Best Products

Wismec have released many innovative, high-tech products over the past few years. Some of its most popular products include the Reuleaux (RX) range and LUXOTIC series, which impressed vapers across the globe.

Some of the best products available include the R40, which offers people a portable compact vape pod with 40W of power. In addition to this, the R40 has a 1700mAh battery, stylish colour screen and can easily handle most vaping tasks with ease.

The Preva DNA pod also highlights Wismec’s penchant for releasing high-tech, innovative products. The Preva DNA features the Evolv DNA GO chip, which automatically adjusts the power output depending on which resistance pod you connect.

In addition, you can connect your Preva DNA to a PC and use the EScribe software to manually adjust settings such as LED light colour changes, customised wattage output and live voltage output charts.

How to Choose the Best Wismec Vape for You

Depending on what type of vaper you are, there will most likely be a different Wismec vape kit to suit. To help you choose which Wismec vape is the best one for you, we have broken it down into two main categories below:

New to Vaping

If you are new to vaping, then it is perhaps best to start with something easy to use, without too many settings to adjust. Wismec cater to new vapers very well with products like the R40, which features simple pods with uncomplicated settings.

The PREVA is also worth considering, and makes use of innovative technology and simple 3 stage power settings to make vaping easy. It also includes a disposable pod which is simply replaced with a new one without the need to swap coils.

Existing Vapers

If you are a vaping veteran, then products like the RX GEN3 Dual mod would be ideal. This can output up to 230W of power using dual 18650 batteries, and is well equipped to handle virtually any tank, RDA or RDTA, all housed within a compact and stylish design.

E-liquid at The Electronic Cigarette Company

All e-liquids available at The Electronic Cigarette Company are compatible with Wismec products, such as the R40 Pod kit. There are a wide range of e-liquids to choose from including our Titus, Titan and Urban Chase.