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VOOPOO was established in 2014, and since then has become a respected manufacturer of e-cigarettes. VOOPOO aim to provide vapers with high quality innovate vaping products at an affordable price. VOOPOO helped to develop new e-cig technology, with the GENE.FAN chip being released into their flagship product; the VOOPOO Drag, which boasts instant firing speed and multiple protections. VOOPOO continues to look to the future, and The Electronic Cigarette Company is proud to offer VOOPOO products to vapers.

About VOOPOO Products

With a number of e-cigarettes in their portfolio, such as the VOOPOO TOO and the Drag, alongside RDA's such as the Pericles, VOOPOO products offer vapers a high quality, satisfying vape experience. The GENE.FAN chip which features in the Drag e-cig mod, is one of the most advanced chipsets available in the vaping market, offering instant firing speeds, consistent power output and multiple protections. VOOPOO products are made with the vaper in mind, catering to a wide range of vaping styles and above all, offer functionality without sacrificing simplicity.

E-liquid at The Electronic Cigarette Company

All e-liquids available at The Electronic Cigarette Company are compatible with VOOPOO products, such as the DRAG Nano and DRAG Baby Trio. There are a wide range of e-liquids to choose from including our Titus ADV range, has been expertly crafted from the finest UK sourced and manufactured ingredients, to deliver an outstanding vape at a price that makes this the obvious all day vape e-liquid.