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USONICIG is a relatively new contender within the vaping arena. Founded in 2014, USONICIG has spent years developing a patented ultrasonic e-cig technology, which challenges the conventions of e-cigarettes we have come to accept. With this new e-cig technology now available to consumers, USONICIG aim to continue their vaping revolution, and vapers are beginning to take notice. Their ethos is simple; to develop superior products and bring a better vaping experience to vapers all over the world.

About USONICIG Products

The first product released by this forward thinking brand is the Rhythm e-cigarette kit, which utilises innovative ultrasonic waves that vibrate two 'plates' together 2,400,000 times per second. This generates vapour whilst being much cooler than a standard e-cig coil. Using ultrasonic technology also means that the pods have a longer lifespan when compared to traditional e-cigarette coils, which helps vapers save money on replacement parts.