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About TECC

Founded in 2008, The Electronic Cigarette Company has always strived to provide vaping products of the highest quality and best value for money, backed by industry leading customer service. As one of the original vaping companies, our TECC branded products have helped mould the vaping industry, while still remaining true to its roots.

Why Choose TECC Vapes?

Supplying vapers with only the very best quality, TECC branded electronic cigarettes and e-liquid are ideal for a wide range of vapers, with easy to use kits and accessories. When we choose to put the TECC name on a vape kit or tank, you can be assured that it will offer you what we believe to be the best vaping experience.

Since 2008, the TECC brand has helped thousands of people break free from the chains of smoking, through offering an exceptional quality selection of vape kits, tanks and e-liquid. Whether you’re new to vaping or already vape full time, we are confident you will find a TECC product to suit your needs.

TECC also offers a wide range of vape liquid, which has been carefully created to offer unrivalled flavours, all manufactured to the highest standards using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine and food grade PG:VG.

TECC Titan e-liquid has been a mainstay since 2009, and helped set the standard for e-liquids in the UK market. With a range of simple yet tasty flavours, Titan is a classic range which has stood the test of time.

TECC Titus was created to provide vapers with an all-day vaping solution. A well balanced 50/50 PG:VG mix ensures an even amount of vapour and flavour production, and is available in 21 flavours.

TECC Urban Chase is a set of 8 ‘edgy’ flavours at a very competitive price. Manufactured using the same premium ingredients vapers expect from TECC, Urban Chase can be vaped all day, every day.

What Are The Best TECC Vapes?

Over the years, there have been many landmark TECC branded vape kits. From the Titan Tank and Tornado-T, to the beloved arc range, there has been something for everyone. Below we talk about some of the best TECC vapes:

TECC arc

Created in 2014, the TECC arc range helped transform the way people vaped. The arc is the ultimate daily vaping partner, and has many fans not just in the UK, but in countries across the globe.

The current arc 5 and arc 5S feature batteries that can last all day and are incredibly easy to use. If you’re after the pinnacle of our TECC brand, look no further than these two vape kits.

The arc range also features many different variations to cater towards different vaping styles and personal preferences. The arc Mini as the name suggests, is a compact kit which is great for vapers who need something ultra-portable, whilst the arc Slim simplifies things with easy to adjust settings and a slimmed down body.

For vapers who want something more powerful, the arc GTi is the ideal match, and comes with the GT Air tank and up to 80W of power. The large battery (3000mAh) is the biggest in the arc range, and should easily last a full day before requiring a recharge, perhaps even longer.


Sometimes, the most simple vape kits are the best. The TECC P360 vape pod is brilliant as both an introduction to vaping, or for any vaper who enjoys using nic salts in something convenient like a pod device.

The P360 has no settings to adjust, and features an automatic battery which activates when you take an inhalation. The pods are easily changed and filled, making this vape kit accessible to anyone.

How To Clean A TECC Vape

TECC vape kits have been designed to be easy to use and maintain. Below we detail how to clean and maintain some of our TECC tanks with some easy step by step instructions:

TECC arc 5

- Remove the CS Air Slim tank from the arc battery and make sure the mouthpiece points towards the floor
- Unscrew the tank base in an anti-clockwise direction and remove
- Unscrew the CS Coil attached inside the base, wipe down and put to one side
- Under warm running water clean the tank and tank base before drying thoroughly with a clean cloth or tissue
- Refill and assemble the tank once complete, making sure to reattach the coil to the tank base
- Using a clean cloth, clean the 510 connection located on the top of your arc battery, removing any debris build up and/or e-liquid residue
- Reattach your tank, check to ensure all settings on the arc 5 are correct and you should be ready to continue vaping


- Separate the pod from the battery by pulling them firmly away from each other
- Using a clean cloth, wipe down the metal connectors located at the base of the pod before doing the same to the connectors inside the P360 battery
- Check to make sure that the e-liquid seals are intact and undamaged, wiping away any e-liquid which may have collected around the seal
- Reconnect the pod inside the battery and continue vaping as normal

E-liquid At The Electronic Cigarette Company

All e-liquids available at The Electronic Cigarette Company are compatible with TECC products, such as the TECC arc 5, TECC P360 and TECC CS Air Slim Tank. There are a wide range of e-liquids to choose from including our Titus, Titan and Urban Chase.