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RELX Vape Devices & Prefilled Pods

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5 Item(s)

About RELX

RELX have quickly become a major force in the world of vape pods, producing a number of simple to use devices which help smokers make the switch to vaping as easily as possible. Its mission is to help empower smokers through innovative technology and smart design, to help create a world without cigarettes.

Each RELX vape kit has been carefully crafted for simple yet effective vaping. The prefilled pods come with a range of flavours to help simulate the sensation of smoking, or break free with something fruity and different.

RELX has invested heavily in its R&D team to help evolve product design through science, technology, and design to help anyone break free from the chains of smoking.

About RELX Vape Products

RELX has produced a number of kits to help smokers switch to vaping, including the RELX Classic, which combined a simple prefilled pod system with a reliable battery and the RELX Essential, which evolves the design with a sleek, stylish battery, USB-C charging, and redesigned Pro pods with a host of flavours.

More recent releases include the RELX Infinity, which incorporates haptic feedback to indicate pod connection or automatic cut-off, creating a more tactile experience.

All RELX devices are simple and easy to use, and would be great for anyone looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping, or for existing vapers who want a hassle-free backup that won’t let them down when needed.