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4 Item(s)

About JUUL

Founded by two former cigarette smokers, JUUL has become a worldwide phenomenon. Focusing on providing a high quality vape pod experience, the JUUL has helped millions of people find freedom from smoking. JUUL are the largest e-cigarette supplier in the USA, and the UK launch of the popular vape pod device has been long-awaited. Having one main product has allowed JUUL to place more emphasis on further developing an e-cigarette that provides an excellent vape pod experience.

About JUUL Products

The JUUL e-cigarette utilises single use, disposable tanks called JUULpods. These are filled with nicotine salt e-liquid, which closely mimics the natural salts found within the tobacco leaf. This type of e-liquid is often claimed to more closely simulate the sensation of smoking when compared to traditional e-liquid, and has helped many people to break free from the chains of smoking. The JUUL e-cig is simple in design and is very easy to use, with no buttons to press, vapers simply inhale to create vapour. The JUUL also uses a magnetic charging dock, eliminating the need to plug in and charge. The JUULpods are available in a range of flavours, including tobacco, menthol and fruit options.