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JUUL Pods And Vapes

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5 Item(s)

What Is JUUL?

Founded by two former cigarette smokers, JUUL has become a worldwide phenomenon. Focusing on providing a high quality vape pod experience, the JUUL has helped millions of people find freedom from smoking.

JUUL are the largest e-cigarette supplier in the USA, and the UK launch of the popular vape pod device has been long-awaited. Having one main product has allowed JUUL to place more emphasis on further developing an e-cigarette that provides an excellent vape pod experience.

The JUUL e-cigarette utilises single use, disposable tanks called JUUL pods (or JUULpods). These are filled with nicotine salt e-liquid, which closely mimics the natural salts found within the tobacco leaf. This type of e-liquid is often claimed to more closely simulate the sensation of smoking when compared to traditional e-liquid, and has helped many people to break free from the chains of smoking.

The JUUL e-cig is simple in design and is very easy to use, with no buttons to press, vapers simply inhale to create vapour. The JUUL also uses a magnetic charging dock, eliminating the need to plug in and charge. The JUUL pods are available in a range of flavours, including tobacco, menthol and fruit options.

How Long Does A JUUL Last?

JUUL Pods contain 0.7ml of e-liquid. Depending on individual usage, 1-2 pods per day would be classed as normal consumption. The nicotine salts (also known as JUULsalts) within each pod are specially formulated to mimic the nicotine delivery of smoking, which should help to satisfy cravings for longer, reducing the need to vape as often.

On average, the JUUL battery will last for approximately 200 puffs in-between charges, which is roughly equivalent to one pod. Recharging a JUUL battery does not take too long, and can be completed in 30-45 minutes.

How Do You Charge A JUUL?

JUUL uses a unique charging system which does away with wires and ports in favour of a magnetic connection. The base of the JUUL battery simply connects to the charging dock magnetically and charging will automatically begin. To highlight how easy this process is, we have a couple of simple steps to follow below:

Connect the charging dock to a power source that has a USB connection
Slot the JUUL battery into the charging dock
The LED light will illuminate to indicate a charge is being received
Once the light goes out, simply detach the JUUL battery and vape as normal

How Much Nicotine Is In JUUL Vapes?

Unlike the USA, JUUL pods sold here in the UK contain either 0.9% (9mg) or 1.8% (18mg) nicotine strengths. Designed for smokers as an alternative to tobacco, JUUL pods help to simulate the sensation of smoking.

The e-liquid used within each JUUL pod is called nicotine salts, or nic salts for short. Nic salts are slightly different to standard e-liquid and deliver the nicotine in a more controlled way. By mimicking the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf, nic salts can help to keep cravings at bay for longer, without the need to vape as often.