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GeekVape Mods And Coils

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9 Item(s)

About GeekVape

Established in 2015, GeekVape obtains strong support from an innovative group that consists of experienced and enthusiastic vapers. Their ultimate goal is sparing every effort to make their own contribution to the development of e-cigarette industry, and providing the best user experience to all customers.

We are proud to supply a wide range of products from the GeekVape range, including the internationally popular Aegis series, which has spawned numerous successors thanks to its reliable performance and robust design.

Why Choose GeekVape?

The Geekvape team devote themselves to the research and development of superior vaping devices. They aim to meet the demand of the consumer, value products as core competence and strive to put an end to all clone products.

GeekVape isn’t like other e-cig brands, mainly because they focus their efforts in producing reliably rugged vape kits and mods. The Aegis range has become renowned due to its remarkably resistant design, which can take immersion in water in addition to being dust and shock resistant.

The GeekVape Frenzy pod kit is another standout example of why vapers love this brand so much, as it offers user-friendly operation whilst providing an exceptional vape pod experience. There are many reasons to choose GeekVape, especially if you want a product that can stand the test of time.

What Are GeekVape Mods?

GeekVape mods function in a very similar way to others. They tend to feature adjustable settings and modes to help customise the way you personally prefer to vape. An informative but easy to understand screen is usually present to view all settings at a glance, and virtually any e-cig tank is compatible, giving you multiple options.

GeekVape mods are usually fitted with some kind of additional protection to help deal with the rigours of everyday life. Whether this includes water, dust and shock resistance or built-in battery safety features (found inside every GeekVape mod), these e-cig mods are designed for daily usage.

The GeekVape Aegis Range

The GeekVape Aegis was first released back in 2017, and created waves amongst the vaping community. The Aegis offered a truly great way to vape, and thanks to its rugged design providing water, dust and shock resistance, it was clear that it was built to last.

As new releases such as the GeekVape Aegis Legend, Aegis Mini and Aegis Solo emerged, GeekVape have been able to take a fairly prominent position within the vaping market, and are regularly used by vapers who have demanding outdoor jobs.

The unique selling points of the GeekVape Aegis range are clear; they can withstand much more than most mods thanks to the water, dust and shock resistance and offer fantastic performance with the built-in AS chipset, which easily rivals some of the higher end mods.

We stock a range of GeekVape Aegis products which includes the Aegis X, Aegis Legend and Aegis Solo.

How To Update GeekVape Aegis Firmware

Keeping your GeekVape Aegis up to date with the latest firmware is the best way to take advantage of all the newest features as and when they arrive. Depending on which model you own, there may be a slight difference in how to do this, however we have broken things down in an easy to follow step by step guide:

Aegis Legend 200W

- Remove the tank and batteries from your device and insert the micro USB cable into the charging port

- Press and hold the + button, then plug the micro USB cable into your PC and release the + button once the device is recognised

- Download the latest Aegis firmware and unzip the compressed file to your desktop. Run the Aegis firmware program by double clicking on the executable file (.exe)

- Click ‘Start’ to begin the update. A green progress bar will be shown throughout this process before stating ‘Updated Successfully’

- Unplug the Aegis from your PC once the update has been installed to complete the installation

Your device will now be upgraded to the latest version, but should you wish to double check that the update was successful, simply press and hold the + and – buttons together at the same time, making sure the version number matches what you downloaded from the GeekVape website.

Aegis 100W (Original Model)

- Remove the tank and batteries from your device and insert the micro USB cable into the charging port

- Plug the micro USB cable into your PC

- Press and hold down the power button and then plug the micro USB cable into the device whilst keeping it held down. Once the device has been connected you may release the power button

- Download the latest Aegis firmware and unzip the compressed file to your desktop. Run the Aegis firmware program by double clicking on the executable file (.exe)

The Firmware will have finished installing once the Aegis upgrade firmware displays ‘Updated successfully’. Once the update has completed, simply unplug the micro USB from the device, then press the power button 5 times to switch on the unit and complete the upgrade.