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About Asmodus

Asmodus is a high end e-cigarette manufacturer, focusing on premium quality e-cig mods and tanks. Asmodus have made a name for themselves for their reliable and hard wearing e-cigarettes. Based in California in the USA, they are continually thinking outside the box, to bring vapers new and exciting products. Asmodus have built a solid reputation and are a favourite among vapers who are after something different, with outstanding performance.

About Asmodus Products

Asmodus have produced a variety of products over the years, with the Minikin V2 being a particular highlight. Their focus on quality as well as performance have ensured that each new release is met with fanfare within the vaping community. Asmodus generally cater to the more experienced vaper, with powerful e-cig mods and RTA's, as well as squonking devices to produce large clouds of vapour.