Arctic Dolphin E-cigarettes

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About Arctic Dolphin

The company which became Arctic Dolphin, dates back to 2002, before e-cigarettes actually existed. Seeing the opportunity to create quality products within the vaping industry, Arctic Dolphin quickly became known for its high quality e-cig devices and rebuildable tanks. Focusing on high end devices has allowed Arctic Dolphin to become a trusted brand among vapers worldwide, and The Electronic Cigarette Company is pleased to provide some of their products to you.

About Arctic Dolphin Products

Quality, easy to use and long lasting. These words are often used when referring to Arctic Dolphin e-cigarettes. Pioneering popular styles such as stablised wood, which create beautiful and unique finishes to each e-cigarette produced, it is easy to see why so many vapers love their products. From squonkers to RDA tanks, each product is a labour of love for Arctic Dolphin, who continue to create masterful designs with some truly outstanding results.