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E-cig Mods

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5 Item(s)

E-cig Mods and Battery Mods

E-cig mods, or box mods, are e-cigarettes that come without a tank or batteries built-in, and they are generally of a ‘box’ design which is where the term ‘box mod’ originated from.

E-cig mods usually offer vapers a more advanced option when it comes to vaping.

With many featuring a screen of some sort which displays all your key vaping information, as well as the available modes. E-cig mods are ideal for vapers who wish to match a tank of their own choosing with an e-cigarette that suits personal preferences.

Typically, e-cig mods will require batteries to be installed, such as 18650, 20700 or 21700 before vaping can take place, and the power output is generally much higher than that of other e-cigarettes thanks to the larger size and battery capacity. E-cig mods are a great choice if you are looking to use a high performance e-cig tank, such as sub-ohm, RTA’S or RDA’s, but they are also suited to less powerful tanks, should extended battery life be a preferred option.

As above, battery mods are usually referred to as box mods.

Usually featuring the same advanced modes and variation found with their e-cig mod counterparts. The main distinction however is that a battery mod comes with an integrated battery pack which cannot be removed. These e-cigs are ideal for vapers who do not wish to use removable batteries, instead preferring to use an internal source of power.

Certain battery mods are simpler in operation, and it is not uncommon to find one without the usual advanced features and modes, making these types of e-cigs better suited to low powered tanks or vapers wanting longer battery life in-between charges.

Mods can be used with a variety of tanks, and are well suited to a range of vaping applications, including the use of Rebuildable tanks for vapers who like to produce large clouds of vapour, or simply if you would prefer not to have the hassle of removing batteries.