Hello to all you fellow vapers out there! We would like to share a little bit of information about the wonderful world of temperature control (TC) vaping.

What is it? How does it work? Is it complicated? How will it benefit me? These are some of the questions The Electronic Cigarette Company’s customers ask and we hope to answer these for you below.

First of all, what is temperature control (TC) and how does it work?

Temperature control (TC) lets you control the temperature of the coil head you are using in your e-cig tank. Instead of using wattage to heat the element inside your coil (which can continue to get hotter as you press your button to vape), you set the maximum temperature. For example, set the temperature to 450°F, then when you vape, the e-cig battery will heat the coil up to the set temperature. Your e-cig will then regulate itself to maintain that coil temperature which results in a consistent vaping experience.

It’s great for people who don’t like their e-cig coils getting overly hot, which some can find uncomfortable with typical sub-ohm e-cig tanks.

Another brilliant thing about temperature control (TC) vaping is that it is not overly complicated.

Yes, the screens and information displayed can look a little intimidating at first, but it is genuinely simple to use. Select the mode you want to be in, and depending on what type of atomizer head you used (Temp Ti for titanium coils is a personal favourite of ours when used with the Wismec Divider Tank!), you then lock your coil resistance into place using the menu. Once you have set your temperature, with 450°F – 480°F usually being a good bet, its ready to vape!

*Don’t forget to prime your coil first though by leaving it to soak for a good 10 minutes before vaping.

How will temperature control vaping benefit you?

There are a lot of compelling reasons why using a TC e-cigarette could benefit new vapers, here are a few key ones;

  1. Reduced e-liquid consumption – temperature control e-cigs, set to a reasonable output, will use less fluid and require less frequent refills meaning buying less e-liquid, which is all money saved!

  2. Increased battery life – as there is not as much demand being put on the e-cig to reach your set temperature (depending on settings), in turn, will keep you vaping for longer between charges.

  3. Coils can last longer – as temperature control vaping can result in fewer dry-hits and burnt coils, you could save money on replacement coils

All in all, there are plenty of reasons why new vapers should start out with a temperature control (TC) e-cig, they can save you money and can be more economical on battery life, e-liquid and coils. Perhaps one of the best reasons of all is it’s a great excuse to own a seriously cool piece of kit!