Vaping has helped millions of people worldwide to ditch cigarettes and break free from the chains of smoking. For many new vapers however, the sheer volume of e-cigarettes available can become confusing, especially when the terms MTL and DL are mentioned. Below we will explore the differences between these two distinct vaping styles, to help you decide which vaper you would like to be.

 Mouth To Lung & Direct Lung Differences Explained

Mouth To Lung (MTL) Vaping

In very simple terms, MTL vaping closely mimics the sensation of smoking. A vape kit which is geared up towards mouth to lung will have a tighter airflow, which requires a moderate amount of vapour to be drawn into the mouth before fully inhaling as a secondary movement.

MTL e-cigs are most commonly used with e-liquid that contains a higher concentration of nicotine, including nicotine salts which have become popular in recent years. The feeling on the back of your throat will be quite harsh, yet feels satisfying when inhaled further.

Mouth to lung vaping is ideal for anyone who wants to preserve the sensation of smoking as much as possible, without the need to exhale large clouds of vapour. This vape style is also great for those that require a more stealthy option which won’t leave a vapour trail behind you.

Another benefit is that less e-liquid is consumed when using this type of e-cig. This is because the coil housed within the tank is usually a higher resistance, which means it requires much less power in order to function normally, making your liquid last longer.

If you want to exhale large clouds of vapour, then MTL vaping would not be advised. If you feel that the above style of vaping would suit you however, then you may wish to check out our vape pod or starter kit section to get started.

Direct Lung (DL) Vaping

The direct lung vaping style is very different from its MTL counterpart, resulting in a completely unique experience. DL vaping generally ditches the smaller, more compact e-cigs and replaces them with larger, more sophisticated units. The tanks will have a greatly increased airflow, which means that rather than inhaling into the mouth as the first action, you simply inhale directly into your lungs through the mouthpiece.

DL vaping can be difficult to get into initially, particularly with new vapers who may feel somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer volume of vapour being inhaled. It is better to use an e-liquid with a lower concentration of nicotine (between 3mg-6mg) to help avoid a vaping experience that is too intense.

This style of vaping is usually used by existing vapers who want to upgrade their e-cigarette and benefit from additional power and fully customisable settings often offered by this type of device, not to mention the large clouds of vapour that can be produced!

Direct lung vaping does consume more e-liquid when compared to MTL, which is due to the coil housed within the tank being larger and requiring much more power to function normally due to the lower resistance. This additional power requirement means that more vapour is produced, and in turn, more e-liquid.

If this style of vaping appeals to you, why not check out our full range of e-cig kits to find the best setup for your preferred style? There is an e-cig to suit everyone, and by knowing the differences between MTL and DL vaping, you will be able to make a more informed decision. If you are new to vaping then this choice becomes even more relevant, as starting off with the wrong e-cig can make it harder to break free from the chains of smoking and continue with your vaping journey.

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