It’s a spooky time of the year, with leaves turning orange, pumpkins transformed into lanterns and wicked witches stalking the streets. If you happen to be attending a Halloween party, then there are some things you can do whilst vaping and interacting with the crowd.

How To Vape At A Halloween Party

Choose A Vaping Costume

While most people might be dressing up as vampires, skeletons and witches, you could go for something more ‘vape’ appropriate, a costume which goes hand in hand with your e-cig. One such possibility is a dragon outfit, which would allow you to use your e-cig to exhale vapour out of the mask simulating a real dragon! This is sure to grab attention and be loved by those present, and remember it’s all about the detail when it comes to these things.

Make Your Drink ‘Spooky’

If you want to grab people’s attention, then this simple ‘trick’ is for you. All you have to do is exhale your vapour into your glass, and watch people stare in amazement as it becomes a wickedly cool witch’s brew, with thick clouds of vapour swirling around, almost as if by magic!

Advocate Vaping

The weather is getting colder, and let’s face it, no one really wants to go outside to have a cigarette. If you are vaping in the warmth inside and see others going outside to smoke, why not take the opportunity to join them and start a conversation about vaping? There is no need to be pushy, but highlighting benefits like being able to vape indoors or the conveniences of not having to run to the shop late at night before it closes to buy more cigarettes, can be a good starting point into a deeper conversation.

Use Sub-ohm Coils

If the scene is set with cauldrons, skeletons and vampires, then this is where a sub-ohm e-cig can really come in handy. Providing that everyone is vape friendly at the party, sub-ohm e-cigarettes can produce large clouds of vapour, which can help to enhance the creepiness factor in the room, especially if it is aimed at a Jack-O’-Lantern or cobweb.

Use A Seasonal Flavour

This is a fun one, especially if you like to mix your own e-liquids. There are many tried and tested flavours you could be vaping on at Halloween, but how about trying something new? Like a pumpkin pie or cinder toffee? The possibilities are endless, and if you mix your own then the only limit is your imagination.

Most Importantly…Have Fun!

No matter what you do, always make sure you have a little bit of fun while you do it. Halloween is a great time for adults to relive their youth, talk about the days they used to go trick-or-treating and surround yourself with good company. Vaping at Halloween can also be an ideal time to get that family member or friend to gain freedom from smoking, so spread the word, eat some pumpkin pie and have a spookily good time!

*Always remember to vape responsibly, and ask permission before vaping indoors.