Vaping has spread far and wide throughout many countries in the world, helping smokers quit cigarettes and transition over to e-cigarettes. As vapers, we can sometimes take for granted those clouds we exhale whilst out somewhere and the perception it can give other ‘non vapers’ around you. Here we will look at how you can take steps to not be an obnoxious vaper.

How Not To Be An Obnoxious Vaper

Don’t Blow Clouds In People’s Faces

It may only be vapour to you, but to others who do not vape, it can still resemble cigarette smoke, and if this is inadvertently blown into someone’s face, it might leave them feeling a little irritated. Always try to bear in mind the people around you before exhaling clouds of vapour, especially if sitting outside a pub, café or other public spaces where there is likely to be a large crowd. Remember, just because we can legally vape in public spaces doesn’t mean we should not be considerate to others who might find it off-putting.

E-cig Superiority

Have you spent a lot of money to get the best e-cig out there currently? That’s great, but try not to look down upon other vapers who don’t have the most technically capable devices. Every vaper has an e-cigarette that meets their needs and experience, and while owning the latest and greatest is not a bad thing, be careful not to brag too much, it might make others feel like their e-cig is a little rubbish as a result.

Ask Before Vaping Other People’s E-cigs

This sounds like an obvious one, however it still happens quite regularly to vapers. Just because you both vape doesn’t mean that person wants you to use their mouthpiece or e-liquid, after all vaping can be very personal for some, so it’s always best to ask before using any other e-cig that isn’t yours.

Try Not To Preach

Whilst advocating vaping is extremely important, there can be a fine line between an experienced vaper passing on factual information to those who seek it, to condescending others simply because they do not vape, or still smoke. Just as you have chosen to be a vaper, others can choose not to be too and they may get annoyed should they be told that they are making the wrong choices.

Don’t Vape Around Children And Pets

If there are children or pets present, you should try not to vape around them. Vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, however young children may see you vaping and want to copy you, which could result in them trying to pick up your e-cig whilst you are not looking. Pets can also be more sensitive to the ingredients found in e-liquid, such as PG (Propylene Glycol) which could cause them irritation should they inhale large quantities of vapour.

Clean Up After Yourself

As we know, e-cigarettes have certain components which are consumable, particularly rebuildable tanks where the cotton requires regular replacement. It can be easy to overlook those tweezers, screwdrivers or spent coils sometimes, however if you are doing this whilst on a break at work, you should always try to ensure that any waste is disposed of appropriately, so you do not cause fellow employees irritation at the mess you’ve left behind.

Don’t Cloud Up The Room

Filling a room up with vapour while cloud chasing can be fun, however you should try not to do it if there are other people present, particularly if it is at work. Making a room cloudy can make some people uncomfortable, plus if anyone has a PG allergy, it may just be enough to trigger a reaction which would not be very considerate. It’s usually best to leave the cloud chasing for home or if you are at your (vaping) friend’s house.

Avoid Vaping Where You Can’t Smoke

Whilst vaping indoors is not illegal in the UK, you should still consider whether you actually need to vape in certain places. Doing your weekly shop? Then there is no need to start blowing clouds of vapour inside the supermarket, you would never have done this when you smoked, why do it now you vape? The same applies to restaurants and cinemas, it isn’t necessary and can cause a lot of aggravation from those around you.


As e-cigarettes become more popular, it is important that we all advocate responsible vaping to the wider population. By taking steps to avoid being an obnoxious vaper, we can all improve public perception and acceptance of vaping far into the future.